UP club places second at national competition

By The Beacon | March 30, 2011 9:00pm

(Courtesy of Ben Pressler)

By Hannah Gray, News Editor -- gray12@up.edu

Last weekend, three members of the University of Portland Investment Association placed second at a national competition.

Seniors Scott Olberding, Ben Pressler and Court Reeves competed at the Financial Management Association Quiz Bowl in New York City, where 107 teams and 55 schools were in attendance.

"It was exciting to be the school no one knew about and to play the underdog," Olberding said.

In the preliminary round – a 25-question exam – UP tied for second place with three other schools. After taking another test to decide which teams would advance, UP advanced to a Jeopardy-style final round, according to Pressler.

The teams that competed in the final round were Georgetown University, George Mason University and UP.

Even though UP got second place, it was the only team to answer the final Jeopardy question correctly, according to Olberding.

However, before the final Jeopardy question, there were 1,000 points between UP and George Masson, according to Reeves.

"They could have made it into an inspirational story," Reeves said.

Georgetown placed first, and George Mason placed third.

"There were Ivy League schools there, and they weren't putting up the numbers we were, so that says something about the faculty and students here," Pressler said.