Cove fries are making a comeback

By Dora Totoian | May 4, 2017 1:43am

by Sam Keeler / The Beacon

They’re back. The crispy, greasy, golden goodness that juniors and seniors know as Cove fries have returned to the Pilot House. Manager Ryan Jensen points out that they should be called “Pilot House fries,” but nevertheless, their presence has been a joy for Cove fry fans old and new on campus.

When the Cove was replaced by the Pilot House in 2015, the menu changed, and potato wedges and tater tots took the place of Cove fries. Some UP students felt their absence strongly.

“I’m very excited,” junior Raluca Gosman said. “I thought all hope was lost when they went away the first time, but all is well. They’re back.”

by Sam Keeler / The Beacon

Students who, until recently, have never had the Cove fry experience are also appreciating the newfound culinary delight.

“I like them a lot better than the wedge fries,” sophomore Andrew Harrison said. “They’re better made in my opinion.

More proof of the Cove fries’ popularity?

“My friends and I ordered two extra sides on the first day they were here,” sophomore Maddy Smith said.

Get your Cove fry fill while you can though — the Pilot House brought them back because it thought it’d be fun to end the year with them — but they will only be here as long as the distributor has the ability to supply them, according to Jensen.

But what makes these fries so delectable? Is it the batter that gives them a distinct crunchiness, the shape that enables them to hold more grease or the rumor that they’re double-fried? For the record, according to Jensen, they are just fried once. But perhaps the best hypothesis comes from junior Grant Booker.

“It’s just a vortex of crunchy goodness,” Booker said. “I’d eat them for every single meal of the day if I could.”

by Sam Keeler / The Beacon

With the homecoming of the fries, some students want to see the return of other Cove favorites, such as the salads, sandwiches and soups that used to be offered before the remodel. However, Jenson says those other menu items will not be coming back.

Despite a warm welcome from many, not everyone is as fond of the Cove fries.

“I hate them,” sophomore Cole Van Anrooy said. “Too much breading, too crispy. The other ones had more potato to them.”

Overall though, Cove fry reception has been much more positive, and most fry aficionados would implore you to try them and join the ranks of dedicated Cove fry fans.

“I think they’re missing out if they haven’t had Cove fries,” junior Kyriel Butler said. “They might like the fries we have now, but the minute they try the Cove fries, it’ll be a totally different experience.”