Students vote 'yes' for MPF

By The Beacon | November 16, 2011 9:00pm

By Rachel McIntosh Staff Writer

Students have voted to expand ASUP's Capital Improvement Fund (CIF) into a Major Project Fund (MPF).

Resolution 11-07 will allow the student government to fund larger events on campus such as concerts and speeches as well as capital improvements.

A total of 699 votes, representing 21.9 percent of the student body, were cast, with 62.8 percent in support of the resolution and 37.2 percent against. Results were tabulated Wednesday night.

"I'm very pleased," junior and co-sponsor of the resolution Kyle Hamm said. "Given that 62 percent of voters voted in favor for it, I think that shows that the student body supports this measure. It is a healthy new development in the Capital Improvements Fund."

Before the resolution can be enacted, University President Fr. E. William Beauchamp, C.S.C., must approve the change since it will amend the ASUP Constitution.

"It's not really taking anything away from the old CIF - it is just adding more options," freshman and co-sponsor of the resolution Derek Block said. "I think the funds were having a hard time being used, especially since the RISE campaign will be doing a lot of improvements in the next couple of years. And I think I would really love a few events on campus."

According to senior Kristin Johnson, the ASUP Secretary and Elections Committee Chair, the expansion of the CIF fund into the MPF maximizes the potential for improvements to social and environmental aspects on campus.

"I would really just like to voice how important the CIF has become and how students really appreciate how we have the ability to make these improvements on campus and would want to foster them long-term," Johnson said.