Sophia Truempi


The Jones twins show off their reels and some of the flies they have tied.Photo courtesy of the Jones twins

Fly Fishing: More than just a hobby

One fly fishing trip was all it took for Curtis Jones to be hooked immediately.  “Pun not intended,” Curtis Jones, a senior, said.  It all began the summer after their freshman year of college when Curtis Jones decided to try fly fishing — a method of fishing where an artificial light-weight fly, resembling an invertebrate, is cast out on/near the surface of the water to catch fish.

A sophomore Marshallese’ perspective on the rising seas and nuclear waste devastating her homeland. Camille Alik hopes to ‘be the bridge’ for the Marshallese people. Photo courtesy of UnSplashCanva by Haviland Stewart

Rising seas and nuclear waste

The remnants of ancient volcanoes that once protruded from the surface of the ocean, the Marshall Islands resemble a breathtaking collection of tiny specs in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. While they are seemingly pristine islands well-known for their world class wreck scuba diving, they are the victims of two massive threats – rising seas due to climate change and the long-lasting effects of US nuclear testing.  Camille Antik, a Marshallese sophomore biology student at UP, has seen these threats affect her family firsthand. 

Students participated in niche research projects guided by professors this summer.Canva by Lisa Erenstein.

Interested in Doing Summer Research with a Professor?

Every summer, students participate in niche research projects guided by professors. This past summer was no different, although some work was done remotely. Some of these research projects may even be published in scientific journals. Here's a glimpse into some of the hard work students and professors have put in.