Ruby Beauchamp


Ruby Beauchamp, senior organizational communication and Spanish major, and member of the Presidential Advisory Committee on Sustainability. Photo courtesy of Ruby Beauchamp/Ruby Becker.

OPINION: The visibility of sustainability at UP

The University of Portland has made progress in moving towards a more sustainable way of living on The Bluff. However, the concerted efforts of students, staff and faculty are not enough to make sustainability visible on campus. As the student representative on the Presidential Advisory Committee on Sustainability, I'm writing this opinion piece to put sustainability on UP’s radar and commemorate the hard work of those committed to integrating sustainability into campus culture.

Ruby Beauchamp shares what Eco Action is and why you should be involved.

Opinion: Can someone please tell me what Eco Action Is?

Eco Action is a student-led initiative to defy disciplines and strengthen the campus culture of environmental sustainability so that it promotes eco-centric decision making among students, staff, faculty and administrators. The Eco Action stickers all over campus are meant to serve as a bridge between thoughts and actions, spur conversation, build shared meaning, and cultivate eco literacy within the community. They can be found in the academic buildings and Bauccio Commons, where they remind passersby to “watch your footprint.” That is to say, be mindful of your impact on the world around you.