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QUIZ: Which Christmas movie should you watch?

Christmastime is arguably the best season of the year. Not only does the holiday bring a full month off from school, but it also brings excuses to consume an absurd number of candy canes, jam out to Christmas music in the car and avoid all responsibilities in favor of Christmas movie marathons in your pajamas. Not sure where to start? Make yourself a cup of peppermint hot cocoa, grab your coziest blanket and take this quiz to find out which Christmas movie you should watch to kick off the merriest season of the year.

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QUIZ: Which classic Thanksgiving dish are you?

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, many of us are likely dreaming of a four-day weekend surrounded by family and friends, and stuffing our faces with our favorite Thanksgiving foods. Take a quick study break this week to figure out which classic Thanksgiving dish you are ahead of the holiday weekend with this quiz. 

Natalie Nygren, community engagement editor for The Beacon.

STAFF OPINION: Everyone needs a mission statement

It might seem silly at first to treat yourself as a CEO would treat their business, but hear me out. People don’t know who you are unless they spend time with you or you tell them. A personal mission statement might help with this in a lot of situations, but especially in job interviews or meeting people in a professional setting. Every single interview I’ve had has started with the dreaded request to “describe yourself,” which is where a personal mission statement could come in handy.

Find out which UP club you should join.

QUIZ: Which club should you join?

To the untrained eye, the Activities Fair is chaotic and full of fiercely decorated tables, free pens, enthusiastic club staffers and confused freshmen who just want to tell their parents that yes, they joined a club and yes, they’re making friends. While you embark on Friday’s wonderland of opportunity, take a moment to prepare by taking this painstakingly specific and incredibly accurate quiz. And yes, take the time to subscribe to all the newsletters — it might be worth it. Photos: Annika Gordon, Jennifer Ng, Unsplash

Community Engagement Editor Natalie Nygren poses with College Ecology Club President Ruby Beauchamp.

What's UP with Natalie: College Ecology Club raises environmental awareness on campus

Hey, Pilots. Natalie here. As the sun comes out and we start to spend more time outside, I thought I would take this opportunity to learn more about a club on campus that’s doing good for the environment: the College Ecology Club. So I sat down with junior Ruby Beauchamp, the unofficial club president and one of UP’s biggest environmental advocates.

The Beacon published over 300 articles for the 2018-2019 school year. 

A year in review: The Beacon's highlights

The Beacon has been fortunate enough to cover some significant moments, events and people who have helped open dialogues and create change on The Bluff. After chatting with members of the Beacon team, we picked a few stories that we think are the most influential on our campus. Here are a few highlights from the 2018-19 school year here on The Bluff.

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PODCAST: The Beacon predicts 'Game of Thrones' final season

While it might be spring on The Bluff, winter is coming. Actually, if you watched Season Seven of Game of Thrones, you should know that winter is HERE people. After a 20-month hiatus (a dark time for all), the final season of Game of Thrones will premiere on Sunday April 14 on HBO and We. Are. Ready. Listen to our podcast below.

 From The Commons to Cathedral Coffee, Community Engagement Editor Natalie Nygren lays out the best on and off-campus study spots for finals season.  

What's UP with Natalie: Find your perfect study spot

Hey Pilots, Natalie here. With only a few short weeks left in this semester (thank goodness), it’s time to start buckling down so we can pass our finals and save our grades. To help you avoid study distractions, I came up with a list of my favorite study spots both on and off campus and some tips to minimize distractions while you’re trying to buckle down and get stuff done.  

Community Engagement Editor Natalie Nygren met up with Health and Counseling Center to get some tips on how to stay healthy in the last few weeks of school. Photo courtesy of Courtney Warta.

What's UP with Natalie: How to beat the flu with tips from the Health Center

In order to help everyone on campus kick the wintertime sickness to the curb before spring arrives, I talked to Courtney Rau, the associate director of primary care services and one of the Health Center’s nurse practitioners, and Kaylin Soldat, the other nurse practitioner at the Health Center, to see if we could come up with some quick tips for college students to stay healthy. Here are some tips they suggested.