Colette Clark


Colette Clark writes about freshman year and how she learned that sometimes asking for help is the best choice you can make.

Staff Opinion: It's okay to ask for help

When I started my freshman year at UP, I was so excited to make new friends, take interesting classes, go to parties and just be in college. Growing up, I was always very outgoing and pretty independent. I was never one of the kids to cry when my parents dropped me off at kindergarten, I just wanted to go make friends and have fun.

From the ceiling to the floor, Freshman Catherine Cieminski's walls are completely covered in posters and handmade collages.

Hey UP, welcome to my crib

When you first come to college, it can be hard to adjust to a new place without feeling homesick. With nearly half of UP’s student body living in the dorms, many students have decorated their rooms to feel more at home on The Bluff. The Beacon explored a few of the most unique dorm rooms on campus to see how students have transformed their once empty rooms into a space that felt like their own. 

Pippin dress rehearsal

Royalty, magic and romance in UP theater department's production of 'Pippin'

Imagine if you were a prince, and your life was like a circus with an entourage of actors and acrobats constantly following you around. Well, starting Wednesday, UP’s theater department is  bringing a circus to life through the award-winning musical “Pippin” by Stephen Schwartz. The show will run Wednesday, April 10 through Sunday, April 14 in Mago Hunt.

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UP students witness Oregon's crisis of disruptive learning

What Jane witnessed is not all that unusual, according to a new report by the Oregon Education Association (OEA) detailing the growing extreme student behavior seen throughout Oregon schools. UP’s School of Education students who are in these classrooms have witnessed instances of children becoming disruptive or physically aggressive, which can sometimes lead them to ask if teaching is the correct career path for them.  The OEA report states that Oregon is undergoing “A Crisis of Disrupted Learning.” Disrupted learning occurs when a student’s poor behavior affects how other students are behaving as well as the teacher’s ability to control the classroom and maintain a safe and focused learning environment. 

Stephanie Salomone is the recipient of the Outstanding Educator Award for Higher Education.

Stephanie Salomone wins Outstanding Educator Award for Higher Education

Salomone was recently awarded the 2019 Outstanding Educator Award for Higher Education from the Oregon Academy of Science for her work in educating new math and sciences teachers and her efforts to introduce more young people, especially women, into the STEM community. Her commitment to student learning and continuous work helping teachers led to her success. Salomone will be honored at Linfield College on Feb. 23 during an awards presentation.