Brandon Rivera


ASUP President Brandon Rivera and senior Jack Poden are working on a project to encourage students to become more engaged in social responsibility.

A new project from ASUP President: University FOR Portland

No person can alleviate the pain and difficulties associated with humans experiencing homelessness. This is reality, but we each have an opportunity to open our minds to understanding the stories of real human beings, and learn proven ways to turn our support strategies into action. Join us as we transform the University of Portland to the University FOR Portland. 

Opinion: ASUP President announces Diversity and Inclusion Scholarship

It brings me great joy to announce the 2016-2017 Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan. This action plan looks to not only continue the conversation, but make visible changes on this campus, to address diversity. The action plan has three steps; a scholarship, a visible representation of diversity on our campus, and re-introducing diversity into our academic curriculum. This action plan looks to align with Fr. Mark Poorman’s 2020 vision.

Opinion: An open invitation from the ASUP President

We are witnessing a truly extraordinary fall sports season here on the Bluff. To recap some of the highlights this season thus far: The women’s cross country team secured the West Coast Conference Championship, the Men’s Cross Country team placed second in their championship race.