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Canva by Claire Desmarais.

Submission: Last Sequential Happy Number Day

My hope is that the sequential happy number day 10/13/19 coming up this Sunday will serve as an inspiration and motivation for all of us to focus on happiness and enjoying our lives fully because once 10/13/19 is over, the next such sequential happy number date is to occur 91 years later, on 1/7/2110.

Fr. Claude with the greenery on the side of the chapel, one of his favorite places on campus.

Submission: Farewell to Fr. Claude Pomerleau with numbers

Fr. Claude’s presence at UP always made me feel wonderful and energized. His humility and wisdom truly came across in my interactions with him. I was saddened by his passing away and wanted to do something for him to express my sorrow.  In his honor, I constructed the following birthday number curiosities to say farewell to him.

Engineering professor, Aziz Inan, shares a numerical tribute to fall​en officer, Justin DeRosier whose memorial was held at UP this week.

Opinion: Farewell to Justin DeRosier

Washington State Cowlitz County sheriff’s deputy Justin Richard DeRosier was killed in the line of duty on April 14, 2019. He was 29 years old. Justin was born in Kailua, Hawaii, on January 28, 1990, to parents Neil and Kelly DeRosier. He had one sister named Jenna DeRosier, who was his best friend. Justin left behind his lovely wife Katherine Anne “Katie” (Smart) whom he married to two and a half years ago and their six-month old daughter, Lillian Naomi, whom he adored.

Music legend Diana Ross turned 75 on March 26th.

Opinion: A dozen numerical curiosities for Diana Ross's birthday

Diana Ross is an American singer, actress, and record player who rose to fame as the lead singer of the vocal girl group the Supremes during the 1960s [1].   In 1976, Ross was named the “Female Entertainer of the Century” by Billboard magazine.   In 1993, the Guinness Book of World declared Ross the most successful female music artist in history, due to her success in the United States and United Kingdom for having more hits than any female artist in the charts, with a career total of 70 hit songs with her work with the Supremes and as a solo artist.

 Albert Schulte was the dean of the business school and graduate school, executive and financial vice president, special assistant to the president and acting president during his time at UP.

Opinion: Arithmetical trivia to celebrate Arthur Schulte’s 91st birthday

This Friday, Mar. 15 marked the 91st birthday of Arthur Albert “Art” Schulte, Jr, who served the University of Portland exceptionally for 45 years. Schulte arrived on The Bluff in 1958 as an accounting professor. Later, he served as the dean of the business school and graduate school, executive and financial vice president, special assistant to the president and acting president. Schulte retired from University of Portland in 2003.

Aziz Inan shares a numerical extravaganza for Valentine's Day. Photo from Unsplash.

Opinion: Numerical extravaganza for Valentine's Day

Here are 10 number extravaganza that you are welcome to share to celebrate today’s Valentine’s Day:   1. The product of the month and day numbers of Valentine’s Day, namely 2 and 14, equals 28 and interestingly, twice the 28th prime number, namely 107, yields 214, that is, 2/14. 2. Furthermore, the reverse of 214, namely 412, equals 2 x 2 x 103 and twice the sum of 2, 2, and 103, namely 107, give back 214 too.

photo of Billy Graham from Wikimedia commons.

Opinion: Numerical curiosity for Billy Graham's birthday

William Franklin Graham Jr. known as Billy Graham was a prominent American evangelist who was widely considered the most influential Christian pastor of the 20th century [1]. As a preacher, Graham held large indoor and outdoor rallies with sermons broadcast on radio and television. In his six decades of television, he hosted annual Billy Graham Crusades, which ran from 1947 until his retirement in 2005. His website claims that Graham preached to live audiences of 210 million people in more than 185 countries and territories through various meetings.

Photo Illustration from Unsplash.

Opinion: Halloween by the numbers

Today, Oct. 31, 2018, is Halloween, and I constructed the following numerical curiosities to celebrate it: 1. Halloween coincides with the 304th day of each non-leap year (e.g., 2018), and I refer to 304 as a spooky number. The reason is because 304 equals the product of numbers 16 and 19. It also equals to twice the sum of the reverses of numbers 16 and 19, namely 61 and 91.