Anush Hakobyan


Senior John Black has been stationed at the Yokota Air Base in Japan as a second lieutenant.

Post-Grad Plans: John Black stationed at Air Force base in Japan

Two months after graduation, senior civil engineering major John Black will be on his way to Japan. Black is currently a part of the UP’s Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFROTC) program, and will be stationed at the Yokota Air Base in Japan as a second lieutenant. He leaves the first week of August and will be stationed there for at least two years.

Senior Lydia Heye is heading to UCLA for law school in the fall. 

Post-Grad Plans: Lydia Heye to attend law school at UCLA

Senior political science major Lydia Heye came to the University of Portland wanting to be a doctor. Now, she is heading to the University of California Los Angeles School of Law. Heye was accepted to all 11 law schools she applied to, including the University of Southern California, Boston University, University of Notre Dame and George Washington University, just to name a few. 

Senior Maggie Sheehy will head to Benin, Africa to work with Peace Corps for 27 months. 

Post-Grad Plans: Maggie Sheehy to join Peace Corps in West Africa

Senior social work, psychology and Spanish major Maggie Sheehy has always been passionate about helping others, and this summer, she is heading overseas to do just that. In a few months, she will join the Peace Corps and live in Benin, Africa for 27 months.

Senior Kiley Gersch will get her masters in biomedical engineering at Johns Hopkins University.

Post-Grad Plans: Kiley Gersch to attend Johns Hopkins for engineering

This summer, senior mechanical engineering major Kiley Gersch will move to Baltimore, Maryland to get her master’s degree in biomedical engineering at Johns Hopkins University. She has always been interested in both studying the human body and building things. Biomedical engineering combines her two interests.

Anush Hakobyan shares her journey of moving to the U.S. and how she learned to embrace change not fear it.

Staff Opinion: Being open to changes

Waving goodbye to my relatives and friends as I walked through the departure gate of the airport is a flash of memory I will never forget. I knew everything would change from that point forward, and I didn’t feel ready for it. 

The UP Bioethics team traveled to the University of South Alabama to compete in the National Bioethics Bowl Championships. Photo Courtesy of Jeff Hayashi

UP Bioethics team places third at the National Bioethics Bowl Championships

This is an example of one of the many cases of bioethical issues presented to the University of Portland’s bioethics team at 2019 National Bioethics Bowl Championship, where they took the third place. It’s the fourth year since the creation of the team, and in the past two years, the team has returned from the Championship with two national championship wins.  

Junior Brady Corcoran has been working at The Commons for two years. 

Behind the counter: Student baristas talk about their daily grind

For many college students, coffee is an important part of their daily lives. Coffee isn’t just a drink, it’s an experience. Who pretty much creates this overall experience? Baristas. Baristas not only make delicious coffee drinks, but they also greet customers with a smile on their face, know their customers’ names and know favorite drinks by heart. From The Commons to the Pilot House to Espresso UP, there’s plenty of places to grab a cup of coffee on campus. Here’s a few student baristas on campus you might recognize: 

Students dance and perform at Guam Night in 2017.

Four cultural nights taking place in March

Do you love learning about other cultures, watching traditional dances or tasting food from all over the world? Well, you're in luck, because the end of March in UP is jam-packed with fun cultural events hosted by various clubs and organizations on campus, which are a great way to escape the every-day stress of classes. Here are four events to attend in the next two weeks:

UP's GSP club has officially made the transition from Gay-Straight Partnership to Gender and Sexuality Partnership to better reflect the inclusivity it fosters.

GSP club now called Gender and Sexuality Partnership

Last year, the leaders of the Gay-Straight Partnership on campus realized that the name of the club didn't fully represent all that the club does. While the name represented partnership between people with different sexualities, the name didn't include the variety of gender identities that people can have. The leaders decided decided it was time for a change.  In the fall of 2018, the club officially changed its name from the Gay-Straight Partnership to the Gender and Sexuality Partnership, which allowed them to keep the same acronym, GSP.