Fall Fashion: Building community and looking good while doing it

UP’s thrift and fashion club 'If you wear clothes, we want you here'

By Ellie Black | October 27, 2022 1:07pm

We Wore That is a new thrift and fashion club at UP. The club shares some upcoming events and fall fashion advice.

Fleeting rays of light drench the SLUG garden in gold as the sun dips behind Forest Park. An amber glow washes over those gathered to swap fashion tips and bond over self expression in between sips of freshly poured cider. This moment perfectly captures the energy of the night — excitement and promise, laced with the warmth of community. 

Andres Dankel and Zac Beck at the SLUG mixer. Photo courtesy of We Wore That.

It is the first meeting of UP’s newest thrifting and fashion club, We Wore That. New members gallivanted in wearing anything and everything from gogo boots and psychedelic print to denim on denim, a baseball jersey thrown over a classy black tee, to a floor length bubble gum pink dress. It is clear that in this club there is a place for everyone, with any style and from every background. 

“This is a place to form a community and make genuine friendships, with fashion being an added aspect,” co-president Anna Fallon said.

We Wore That is founded on the idea that clothing expression is tied to individuality. It aims to create a community centered around expanding awareness of issues within the fashion industry, while recognizing the cross cultural connections in the clothing world. Fashion is meant to be exciting and fun for everyone. 

“Fashion is all about feeling good in what you’re wearing,” co-president Mia Anderson said. “That looks different for every single person.”

Diving deeper than simply planning cute outfits, as fun as that is, We Wore That is bringing light to the darker sides of the fashion industry. In future meetings, they plan to incorporate topics such as consent and clothing as well as the pertinence of sustainability and circular design in today's day and age. We Wore That is taking a stand — the platform heels help. 

“We want to emphasize that fashion is about self expression, it is not about following trends, while also stressing the sustainability aspect,” co-president Anne-Marie Brownlow said.

Upcoming Events

Late Oct: date TBD

We Wore That will be hosting a Monthly Clothing Swap. The first clothing swap was such a massive success, that the trendsetters and style icons of UP are calling for more. The monthly clothing swap is a newly incorporated goal for the club. Stay tuned for date and location updates.

End of year: 

Again, exact date TBD, but you’re going to want to stay in the loop for this one. We Wore That is planning an end of the year fashion show. Get ready to flaunt your fits, and walk the runway with other fashion focused students. 

Fall fit tips, tricks and advice

Kareen Nguyen fitted with a leather vest and boots to match. Photo courtesy of We Wore That.

With the crunch of the leaves and bite of the air indicating the shift from floral breeziness to autumnal mystery, now is the time to be bold with layers upon layers. Amp up the drama of life in the PNW with some

smudgy eyeliner and a dark lip. The days are shrinking but the need to dress poetically angsty is only increasing. 

Switch it up with the accessories, adding a silk scarf or a funky hat — whether it be a beanie, beret or bowler. Or try out some gloves, fingerless or leather… fingerless and leather? All are acceptable options. And don’t forget the boots, Dr. Marten’s orders. But above all, wear what makes you feel good.

Ellie Black is a reporter for The Beacon. She can be reached at blacke24@up.edu.