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The IEW sushi workshop last year. Photo courtesy of the International Club.

International Education Week from the Comfort of Your Own Home

Beginning on Nov. 16, I-Club will be hosting a series of virtual events in celebration of IEW. An outline for the week from the I-Club officers declared that this year’s slogan is “Alone Together”, hoping to emphasize that even though the UP community cannot be together in person, we are still here for each other.

Brie Haro is a reporter for The Beacon.

STAFF OPINION: While cancel culture puts people on blast, is it muting the problem?

We are all constantly examined under a different microscope now that social media has consumed our lives. Instead of being watched over solely by authoritative figures in your life, you have “followers” on Instagram and Twitter, “friends” on Facebook, and viewers on Snapchat and YouTube who could “cancel” you at any moment.

A student takes a break in between classes. Here are a few things to do in 10 minutes during online classes.Photo Illustration by Marek Corsello

Making the most of your recess: Zoom edition

You watch the clock on your computer screen as it hits 10:10 and awkwardly unmute yourself to say a thank you to your professor and wave goodbye to your classmates before leaving the Zoom call.  You have 10 minutes of free time before your next class starts and it feels like there’s nothing you can do besides getting sucked into the black hole that is TikTok, aimlessly scrolling through Instagram, or liking Twitter threads because the like button has a different animation.

Quarantine getting you down? Try some specialized recommendations straight from The Beacon staff to keep your mind engaged.

Staying sane during quarantine with The Beacon staff

As classes have moved online and communities have shut down, you might have found it difficult to keep busy while under quarantine. No fear, for The Beacon staff is here. We have shared how we have been trying to keep sane and have recommendations ranging from shows to crafts.  

Tori Dunlap works to empower women through various financial education workshops and private coaching sessions, covering topics like managing your money and negotiating salaries. Photo courtesy of Tori Dunlap.

UP alumna Tori Dunlap builds career around Her First 100k

When Tori Dunlap was busy building her community while living in Shipstad, studying with her fellow E-Scholar peers, or in a theater production at the University of Portland, she had no idea what successes were to come. The 2016 UP alum saved $100,000 within three years of graduating, as well as created her own business, Her First 100k, which helps women become financially educated and confident with their own money moves.  

ASUP passed a measure that will allow for the trial implementation of the program "Pilots Matter Period" in a unanimous vote. The program is designed to provide free menstrual products for students. Photo illustration by Annika Gordon.

ASUP passes resolution to get free menstrual products on campus

The Associated Students of the University of Portland (ASUP) passed a resolution on Feb. 10 to begin a pilot program/trial called “Pilots Matter Period,” where free menstrual products will be provided in five buildings on campus. The program will begin Feb. 18 in the first-floor bathrooms of Franz Hall, the library and Buckley Center, as well as Dundon-Berchtold’s gender-neutral bathroom and the women’s bathroom at Pilot House for this spring semester.