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Gabby Rivera, is an author, storyteller and advocate for the QTPOC (Queer, Trans, and People of Color) community.Screen Capture by Brie Haro

Unpacking Language and healing in joy with Gabby Rivera

On March 18, UP connections invited Gabby Rivera, an author, storyteller and advocate for the QTPOC community, to be the keynote speaker for their Women’s History Month event. Rivera gave an inspirational presentation about how she encourages people of all backgrounds to create and daydream through her work.  “I am a writer, I am a queer Puerto Rican comic creator from the Bronx and I'm also a deep believer in the power of joy as action,” Rivera said. 

Since graduating from UP in 2016,  Dunlap was featured on Business Insider, Forbes, Good Morning America, and many other media outlets. Photo Courtesy of Tori Dunlap.

Financial phenom update

When we last checked in with Dunlap, she had just reached her goal of saving 100,000 dollars within three years of graduating from UP. She was also featured on Business Insider, Forbes, Good Morning America, and many other media outlets to give insight on how she was able to tackle this milestone in her career. 

Figuring out how to address your mental health can be overwhelming or intimidating, but it's important to get help sooner rather than later. Photo illustration by Jennifer Ng.

You’ve reached out for help with your mental health, now what? 

Picture this: you’re anxiously awaiting for the psychiatrist you found on Psychology Today, with 5-star reviews, to pop up in the Zoom call for your virtual appointment. Sweat starts to form on your palms while your anxiety flares up. Your mind flying a million miles per hour is wondering what can help you feel like yourself again. You can feel your heartbeat steadily increase when suddenly it spikes as the doctor pops up on the screen. For many of us, taking this first step of reaching out to a professional calls for a brave soul.

Black History Month is a time to celebrate and honor Black Culture as well as examine the Black experience in the United States. Podcasts are a great platform to honor new perspectives by listening to first hand experiences and open conversations.Canva by Lisa Erenstein

5 Podcasts to Listen to During Black History Month

Jazz music plays in the background as the scene is set. It’s the late 1920’s and early 30’s in upstate New York. Our host Roxane Gay expains how many Black Americans had fled the oppressing racial laws that were in the South, and highlights the life of the photographer, James Van Der Zee, who captured moments of Black Americans living their lives in Harlem and other Urban Black neighborhoods. 

The IEW sushi workshop last year. Photo courtesy of the International Club.

International Education Week from the Comfort of Your Own Home

Beginning on Nov. 16, I-Club will be hosting a series of virtual events in celebration of IEW. An outline for the week from the I-Club officers declared that this year’s slogan is “Alone Together”, hoping to emphasize that even though the UP community cannot be together in person, we are still here for each other.

Brie Haro is a reporter for The Beacon.

STAFF OPINION: While cancel culture puts people on blast, is it muting the problem?

We are all constantly examined under a different microscope now that social media has consumed our lives. Instead of being watched over solely by authoritative figures in your life, you have “followers” on Instagram and Twitter, “friends” on Facebook, and viewers on Snapchat and YouTube who could “cancel” you at any moment.