Outside the uniform: Athlete fashion in Women's sports

By Colby Wilson | April 24, 2022 6:17pm
Canva by Kate Cuadrado.

There’s more to an athlete's attire aside from their uniform, practice gear and team gear.

Fashion is what you make of it, and it’s a way that athletes can show off their individuality and who they are outside of their sport.

Three Pilot women athletes wear an array of different brands, articles of clothing and shoes in their time away from the field or court.

Women’s Basketball Forward Keeley Frawley, Women’s Soccer Forward MJ Roe and Volleyball’s Right Side Hitter Talyn Jackson show their personal favorite clothes and shoes to wear.

Keeley Frawley

Photos courtesy of Keely Frawley. Canva by Kate Cuadrado

“I wear these black casual pants (left) basically every weekend with either a bodysuit or tank. It is so versatile as it can also be dressed up or down. These are my most worn and how I like to style,” Frawley said.

“This is the SKIMS dress (right). This is my favorite outfit as it can be dressed up or dressed down depending on the occasion. I can pair this with heels and go out, or with sneakers for lunch or dinner. It is so comfy so I can also lounge and chill in this dress,” Frawley said. 

MJ Roe

Photos courtesy of MJ Roe. Canva by Kate Cuadrado.

“I am a big fan of colorful and fun pants (left), especially when you make the outfit simpler by pairing it with other neutral colors. This is one of my favorite shirts because it goes with almost everything and is perfectly cropped. This is also my go to purse, as it is simple and small and goes with all of my outfits”, Roe said.

"These are my favorite shoes (center) because they go with everything and I am a big fan of the platforms,” Roe said.

"These are some of my favorite pants because they are a perfect neutral and I love the wide leg at the bottom (right). I like this cropped turtleneck, as it is also a perfect neutral and goes well with these high waisted pants. My Docs are some of my favorite shoes, as they go with everything and I love that they are platform," Roe said.

Talyn Jackson

Photos courtesy of Talyn Jackson. Canva by Kate Cuadrado.

“I love the streetwear look. Jordan’s are a staple in my closet and I try and pair outfits with them as much as possible. I’ve always liked a simple top with pants that have a design on them to help the outfit stand out. The white puffer jacket is great for any outfit because it’s simple and can go with a lot of different options. Each of these pieces are my favorite because I can mix and match them to fit the occasion,” Jackson said.

Shoes: Jordan 1 mid- black and yellow 

Pants: Adika straight camo jeans 

Shirt: Adika black crop long sleeve

Jacket: Princess Polly white puffer jacket

Fashion is one of the most significant forms of individual expression. You get to decide how you use it and what you want to do with it. 

For these three Pilots, it’s another way of showing that there is more to them than just their uniform.  

Colby Wilson is a Sports Reporter for the Beacon. She can be reached at wilsonco24@up.edu.