QUIZ: Who should I root for this March Madness: Mascot Edition

By Jamison White | March 20, 2019 5:51pm
The NCAA Tournament is finally upon us. Take this quiz to see which mascot is your March Madness spirit animal.

This March there will be madness in the world of college basketball. In a field of 64 teams, it can be a hard to choose who to root for when your team didn't make it. Some people may pick their favorite city, a place their friend goes to school or maybe your mom or dad's old stomping ground. But when all else fails, why not go based off of the mascot? A mascot can tell you a lot about a team, and in this case, who to root for! Take this quiz to decide who you should root for this March Madness.  

Jamison White is a sports reporter at The Beacon. He can be reached at whitej20@up.edu.

Contact sports reporter Jamison White at whitej20@up.edu.