VIDEO: UP women's tennis talks Women's US Open

By Erica Lavik | September 20, 2018 1:30pm

Amidst the controversy surrounding Serena Williams, the UP women's tennis team coach and players discussed what rules were violated, they're reactions to what happened and how it was covered by the media. Video by Erica Lavik

During the Women's US Open final, Serena Williams received three code violations that shifted the momentum of the match towards her opponent, Naomi Osaka. Williams received two scoring penalties, called the umpire a thief and also busted her racket in the loss to Osaka, a huge upset that is now shrouded in controversy because of the incident.

The controversy surrounding the Women's US Open and Serena William's captivated the nation earlier this month, sparking a conversation about the treatment of women in sports as well as the portrayal of female athletes in the media. The UP women's tennis team's head coach and two players joined in on the conversation to give some insights into what exactly happened, they're reactions to the controversy and how the media has covered it.