Pilots shut out 4-0 in final game of series against USF

By Nischal Mali | March 25, 2018 4:38pm
Pitcher Camden Muller plays a strong game, helping to keep the Dons off the scoreboard for the first three innings.
Media Credit: Jeff Braccia / The Beacon

Sunday, the Portland Pilots fell to the University of San Francisco Dons 4-0, giving the Dons the sweep for the series.

#12 Tate Budnick is the last hope of the game for the Pilots to score, but with three strikes he is out.
by Jeff Braccia / The Beacon

It was a defensive battle early on, with neither team scoring in the first three innings. The momentum of the game shifted into the Dons’ favor during the fourth inning when USF’s Michael Perri hit the ball out of the park allowing for a home run that brought two players home and bringing the Dons into the lead. 2-0 at the top of the fourth. 

The Pilots fielding improved at the end of the series allowing only four runs, but was unable to mirror this when at bat.
by Jeff Braccia / The Beacon

The offensive leaders for the Pilots were Ryan Kim and Chad Stevens who were able to get on bases but failed to score as a result of the aggressive fielding by USF. 

#15 Jace Mckinney stood out on the field playing well when batting, even stealing a base in the bottom of the fourth inning.
by Jeff Braccia / The Beacon

The Dons continue to thrive in the WCC, with six conference wins and zero losses with their victory over the Pilots.

Cody Hawkens hits a ball deep into right field during the second inning, allowing him to run a double.
by Jeff Braccia / The Beacon

The team will be on the road this Thursday to play Santa Clara, who sits at fifth in the conference.

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