Battle of the Mascots: Which WCC character reigns supreme

By Jamison White | December 4, 2017 10:20pm
Wally the Pilot waves the Pilot flag with pride.
Media Credit: University of Portland Athletics / The Beacon

What are the factors that make a winning team? The point guard in basketball or the quarterback in football? The roster? The funding? The coach? There’s one factor that is undeniably underrated: the mascot. The mascot is more than a fuzzy lion or fierce-looking warrior with some slick dance moves. The mascot is an essential piece of the puzzle that provides an electric atmosphere that can lead to better play of your team and mistakes for the opposition. The West Coast Conference (WCC) has some interesting mascots, but the question remains, who reigns king of the mascots in the WCC? 

Educate yourself on each of the mascots in the WCC by reading our descriptions below, then participate in the first round of our mascot bracket! Vote on your favorite of each pairing to advance your favorite mascots further into The Beacon’s mascot madness! 

Choose carefully, Pilots! 

1. Wally: 

Wally the Pilot is always happy to cheer on the soccer team.
by The Beacon / The Beacon

Wally is the mascot of the University of Portland Pilots. It is rumored that Wally has special powers to help The Pilots to victory. Wally continually executes perfect dance moves and gets the student section going crazy as the leader of Pilot Athletics. He guides the ship to victory.

2. Cosmo the Cougar:

 The mascot of Brigham Young University is an active one. He has a van named the “Cosmobile,”which okay, is pretty cool. Cosmo is active in all sports he attends, and in some respects has an unfair advantage alongside Diego Torero of San Diego because they get to perform at football games unlike any other WCC mascot. Cosmo is an excellent performer, but does Cosmo really lead BYU to victory?

3. Spike the Bulldog:

 Hailing from the great land of Spokane, Spike is the mascot for Gonzaga University. Yes, Gonzaga is solid in basketball, but is that due to the performance of Spike or players like Portland native Kyle Wiltjer? Spike has some average dance moves but still seems to get the crowd going.

4. Diego Torero:

 The University of San Diego is represented by Diego Torero. Diego, like Cosmo from BYU, gets to show off his skills at football games, somewhat of an unfair advantage. Diego does have a pretty slick mustache working to his advantage, along with a shiny blue vest. Diego may be the best dressed, but is he the best mascot?

5. Gaels:

 Saint Mary’s College is one with a pretty basic mascot. For those who are confused upon what the mascot is, I’ll explain. The Gael is a Gaelic warrior, or an Irish warrior. The name was first bestowed on the football team, which played its last season in 2003, because of its football team having so many Irishmen on it. The Gaels are competitive, but is this warrior your knight in shining armor?

6. Iggy the Lion:

 Iggy is the fierce mascot of Loyola Marymount University. Iggy has some pretty average dance moves to get the crowd going at sporting events, when he is present. Iggy, however, is grey, and a lion. I’m not sure if that makes Iggy inaccurate or unique?

7. Willie the Wave:

 Pepperdine University looked out off the bluff, saw the ocean and decided that it must name its mascot after what it saw: waves. Willie is bright blue and the most unique-looking mascot in the conference. Willie rocks the “surfer dude” look like no other, but do you trust him to get your crowd fired up?

8. Don Francisco:

 University of San Francisco decided to honor the first mayor of San Francisco, Don Francisco de Haro, with the naming of its mascot. Rivaling Diego in the mustache competition, Don also features a mask. Don resembles the character of Zorro, a sleek and somewhat intimidating look. But is that enough to put Don on top of the conference?

9. Bucky the Bronco:

 Santa Clara University features Bucky, a majestic horse, as its mascot. “Bucky” might be the most fun to say and has shown off his strength in push-ups, but is he the top mascot in the WCC? Bucky also looks the meanest and most determined.

10. Powercat:

 The University of the Pacific, or mostly referred to as just “Pacific,” is represented by Powercat. Unlike Iggy the Lion, Powercat actually looks like a tiger. Powercat is active at many athletic events and has been seen waving a large Pacific flag. Powercat has the qualities of being intimidating but also being a big fuzzy cat that everyone loves. Is Powercat the WCC’s top mascot?

Who will advance in this WCC battle?
by Rachel Rippetoe and Jamison White / The Beacon

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