Alternate astrology: Your December horoscopes

By Haley Grant | December 5, 2017 6:04pm


What’s in store for December? We’ve got you covered with these totally legit, 100% real (kind of) horoscopes for December. We consulted Cafe Astrology for planetary placements and “The Astrology Bible” by Judy Hall.

Mercury goes into retrograde a few times a year, and this year it’s going into retrograde in the sign of Sagittarius on Dec. 3 before going direct again on Dec. 22. For those who have heard that phrase a million times but have no idea what it means, Mercury has gained notoriety for messing with the balance of things. 

When a planet goes into retrograde, from our perspective on Earth it appears to be traveling backwards. It is an optical illusion caused by the earth's rotation and the movement of the planets around the sun, among a few other factors. 

The planet Mercury is said to rule communication and travel, and when it goes into retrograde you might find it harder to express yourself or tend to be later than usual. You can prepare for a Mercury in retrograde by allowing extra time for traveling and writing important documents. Or, if astrology just isn’t your thing, you can go about your way as usual.

Find your sign in this photo gallery to learn a little bit about what we think the end of the year has in store for you.