How to be a good Weekend on The Bluff host

By Hannah Sievert | April 8, 2017 3:07pm

by Parker Shoaff / The Beacon

We all love Rock The Bluff, but making college students responsible for pre-frosh can be tough. Is it really a good idea to give pre-frosh (pre-freshman) to students who can sometimes barely take care of themselves? With the right ideas, you can have a good time and show freshman how fun UP can be. Here are tips on how to successfully be a good Weekend on The Bluff host and how to not lose your pre-frosh in just 10 hours.

1. Don’t offer your pre-frosh alcohol. The pre-frosh are told if they drink while on the bluff, their application could be revoked. Don’t be the reason your pre-frosh can’t go to UP!

2. Don’t take your pre-frosh to your friend’s sketchy house. Pre-frosh aren’t supposed to be taken off campus, so don’t make your pre-frosh come along to your friend’s sketchy house off campus and hang out awkwardly with a room full of college-aged strangers. Stay on campus, witness DNCE and Coleman Hell in all of their glory, and go to the After Party in the Pilot House.

3. Try and stay sober! Or at least don't drink excessively. Don’t make your pre-frosh stand by awkwardly while you get drunk with your friends. It will be extra hard to take care of someone else if you can’t take care of yourself.

4. Stick with your pre-frosh through thick and thin. Don’t abandon them for your boyfriend/girlfriend/friend. Don’t be that guy. Nobody likes that guy. Have some empathy and remember that you took on this responsibility. Don’t leave your pre-freshie to wander through the crowd while you’re hanging out with your boyfriend! Include them in conversations, stick with them and show them how nice students on The Bluff can be.

5. Don’t let your pre-frosh crowd surf. Because the safest thing at Rock the Bluff is definitely the crowd surfing that kids always insist on trying. It’s all fun and games when they’re lifted into the crowd, but definitely a problem with they are dropped by some unconcerned UP students. Also, don’t abandon them by crowd surfing yourself and getting lost in the crowd.

6. Keep your door unlocked. Don’t leave your pre-frosh wandering around the halls, wondering what room you’re in and why they can’t get in. It’s not cool if the door is locked, no one is home, and you’re nowhere to be found.

7. Don’t make your pre-frosh sleep in a different room. Don’t ask your pre-frosh to stay in someone else's room because they won’t fit in yours. Although they might be too polite to say no, it’s not cool for them to have to stay in a stranger’s room. Hey, you’re already a stranger, but at least they have your phone number.

At the end of the day, be sure you’re giving your pre-frosh a warm welcome to The Bluff. While it might just be another weekend to you, to them it’s their first introduction to UP and it’s a big deal! It wasn’t so long ago that you were in their shoes. Be sure and remember how nervous you must have been during your first glimpse of college life.

Be safe, be considerate and show them a good time!