How to go out when you're not 21

By Jenna Rossiter | March 3, 2017 9:11pm

by Sam Keeler / The Beacon

You’re sitting in your room. It’s Friday night. What are you going to do?

Finding the “most lit” house party that will likely be shut down by Public Safety at 10 p.m. can get kind of old. If you aren’t of legal drinking age yet, you might feel left out if all of your 21 and older friends are bar hopping and going out.

But, have no fear! We live in one of the hippest cities, with options galore for going out, especially if you are under 21!

The Beacon has put together a list of the five best ways to go out in Portland if you aren’t 21 yet:

1. Voicebox Karaoke is the place to go if you want to sing your heart out and just have a good time. Food is available for purchase and prices range from $6-$10 per hour depending on if you go at prime time or not.

For those 21 and under, you can plan to go Monday-Thursday before 9 p.m. or Friday-Sunday before 7 p.m.

Voicebox has two locations, one in Southeast Portland and one in Northwest Portland, making it easily accessible to get to by public transportation. Northwest Portland Karaoke Box can be found at 2112 NW Hoyt.

2. Mississippi Pizza has everything you could possibly want for a fresh weekend excursion.

Not only is the pizza great, but the live entertainment can vary from live music, stand-up comedy, karaoke nights and more. Mississippi Pizza is 21 and under friendly, as long as you don’t order anything you’re not supposed to!

They are currently wrapping up the remodeling of their stage and will open back up to normal hours and entertainment this month! Find them at 3552 NW Mississippi Ave.

3. Music Millennium is a hidden gem in Portland, located at 3158 E Burnside St. It is now the oldest record store in the Pacific Northwest, housing unique records and also in-store live music you could remember for a lifetime!

You can check out the calendar to see who is performing next and get lost in a sea of old and new records.

4. Before you hit up the live music at Music Millennium, you might want to try Southeast Grind, a hipster coffee shop open all hours of the day, every day at 1223 SE Powell Blvd.

Southeast grind has espresso drinks, juices, smoothies, pastries and food. Their specialty espresso drinks will get your night started, especially with the “Night Rider”, a drink made up of white chocolate, two shots of espresso and coffee.

5. If you’re feeling a little dark and dreary from the Portland winter weather, warm up with some tango at Tango Berretin!

The New York Times recently reviewed the fun weekend activity, promoting it as nightlife to those traveling to Portland.

Tango Berretin has tango lessons and dancing multiple nights of the week, specifically Saturday night if you are looking for a way to go out while 21 and under! Saturday evenings they have tango class from 8-9 p.m. and dancing from 9 p.m.-1 a.m. The price is $12 for dancing and $15 with the class.

Tango Berretin is located at 6305 SE Foster Rd.

Going out doesn’t have to be hard if you aren’t 21 yet. Go out there and find the nightlife in Portland!