Binge your heart out: The Beacon staff shares their Netflix favorites

By Rachel Rippetoe | September 18, 2016 11:41pm


Learn more about The Beacon staff as they reveal the most important thing about themselves: their favorite Netflix shows. 

by Sam Keeler / The Beacon

It’s a Sunday night. You’re feeling pretty down-- a little empty, even. Ever since it ended, you’ve been floundering, aimlessly hopping from reruns to reruns, just hoping that by some stroke of luck, some collision with fate, you’ll find the one.

You’ll never forget that day, the day that seven full seasons of investment slipped through your hands.

The tragic day you reached the season finale of your favorite show.

But you have to move on. It’s time to find that new Netflix show to binge.

The Beacon staff is ready to help you out. Find your new Netflix soulmate in this list of staff binge suggestions!