Get to know the Health Center counselors

By Natasa Kvesic | April 20, 2016 11:27pm

It's  important  to keep track of your physical health — and just as importantly — your mental health. If you’re feeling beaten down, discouraged and not motivated at all, then definitely consider talking to somebody now, during the summer, or when school starts again in the fall. Luckily, we have a way for you to talk to people who specialize in talking about your feelings here on campus. The Health Center has six therapists who are available to talk with you and appointments are free. Here we introduce three of the six so you can get to know them better before you consider scheduling an appointment for when you’re feeling down or just want a cool person to talk to.

  1. What is your favorite activity/hobby to do when you're not working?

Will Meek: Hanging out with my two-year-old son while he makes animal sounds.

Stacie Wade Hernandez: Hiking and backpacking.

Hannah Hoeflich: I love making art – even bad art.  For me, it’s all about the process.

  1. What would you say is your favorite part about being a therapist, specifically for college students?

Will Meek: Witnessing someone really change their lives. It's an honor to share in someone's story in that way.

Stacie Wade Hernandez: Bearing witness to someone's story and helping them recognize their own worth and agency within it.

Hannah Hoeflich: It just feels like such an honor to get to know students in a personal way and see them through a challenging time. I learn a lot about life from my clients.

  1. Do you have a show or movie that you are currently obsessed with?

Will Meek: “Horace & Pete.” I've also seen every episode of “Shark Tank.”

Stacie Wade Hernandez: “Broad City” and “Togetherness.”

Hannah Hoeflich: I don’t really watch TV, but I’m open to suggestions!

  1. What is your life motto?

Will Meek: I have more of a life soundtrack than a motto, and Hot Water Music, Chance the Rapper, and Waxahatchee are currently in heavy rotation.

Stacie Wade Hernandez: “There is no being; all is becoming,” - Heraclitus.

Hannah Hoeflich: "Speak your mind, even when your voice shakes.” (I stole that from a bumper sticker).

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