You just need to go on encounter

By The Beacon | November 4, 2015 5:19pm
Attendees of this year’s Encounter retreat gathered at a secret location in a forested retreat center south of Portand.
Photo courtesy of Anthony Paz.

by Sara Bindl |

So, maybe you’ve heard from a friend or classmate, “You just need to go on Encounter.” And if you haven’t heard that yet, then let me be the first person to tell you. Encounter is a great weekend to escape campus and de-stress from all the pressures of being a college student. Leave your studying and nagging group projects behind while you take a weekend away from The Bluff with a group of friends you didn’t even know you had.

Think of the last time you walked from your room to class: You crossed paths with dozens of people. Each of them has a unique story to tell. But, the truth is, you may never get the chance to learn their stories or tell them yours — that could be your best friend you just walked by without so much as making eye contact!

Encounter is your chance to meet those awesome people you’d likely never talk to otherwise. The reason someone tells you that “you just need to go” isn’t because it benefits them; it’s because they have your best interests in mind and they value you as a friend. So listen to them!

Encounter creates a safe space where you can get to know other people and yourself on a deeper level than the last passing conversation you had in the library. On this retreat, we leave preconceived notions and judgments at the door. It’s not just some vacation, but a way to look into yourself and find out how connected you are to people you never knew. Most of all, it’s a place to experience the fact that you, (yes, you!), are lovable in all your talents and imperfections.

Whether you’re Catholic, Christian or none of the above, we welcome you as you are. Oh, and, by the way, YOU just need to go on Encounter!



















Sara Bindl is a senior business major. For more information or just to be her new friend, you can reach her at