Senior wisdom: Kahlil Dumas

By The Beacon | April 15, 2015 7:17am

Today's wisdom comes courtesy of Bay Area native Kahlil Dumas who imparts some serious truth on following your passions and utilizing your unique gifts. 

Name: Kahlil Dumas Hometown: Mountain View, CA Major: Economics

What is your UP claim to fame? My claim to fame at UP is having an open heart and giving people genuine advice on a range of topics. Being a good person and unconditional love goes a long way.

When I was a freshman… I thought I wanted to go to law school. However, it turns out that I am an entrepreneur at heart.

Best piece of advice you received from someone during your time here? Find out what God-given talent you have, and hone it and own it.

What are three pieces of wisdom you learned during your time at UPortland that you want to impart to those coming next? 1.  Face yourself. Take look an honest look at yourself in the mirror. Those things about yourself you would like to fix? Work hard to bring those things to light and work on improving yourself in those areas. 2. When it comes to love, find someone who helps you grow as person and someone who is willing to grow with you. Love unconditionally. 3. BE YOURSELF! You know the unfiltered version of yourself. Work hard to be that person.

The Commons or The Cove? Hands down the The Cove.

Best advice for experiencing Portland? Be on the look out for community events and challenge yourself to go even if you don’t know anyone at the events.

The infamous… what’s next? I am moving from the Bay Area to Portland. I am currently still deciding which job opportunities I want to go for. In addition, what next is learning how to use my God-given gift of unconditional love to change my community and maybe even the world.

Any regrets? No regrets. Just lessons learned and personal growth achieved.