Last call at Clark Library

By The Beacon | November 19, 2014 5:20pm

By Rebekah Markillie

While most student are turning in for the night, the hardcore students and slackers are pushing to the last minute. But even as students are powering through the last page of a philosophy paper or putting the final touches on a presentation, odd things are bound to happen between midnight and 2 a.m. in the Clark Library.

00:00 – A librarian addressed students in the quiet section as “gentlemen” when she closed the level. But one of those students was a female with a pixie cut.

00:15 – Student supervisor rushed back into The Library with flushed cheeks, clearly panicked. She probably forgot something important like her ID card or fluids textbook.

00:30 – Student supervisor casually called Public Safety asking them why an officer hadn’t stopped by to check in yet.

00:40 – Public Safety officer arrives. He apologized, using ominous excuses to explain his lateness: “Oh, you would be surprised about what happens around here.”

01:05 – Student dropped a large biology textbook on a printer while collecting her homework. Other students rushed over to assess the damage. Printers and toes appeared to be in good order.

01:30 – A small group of sleep-deprived students struggle over their computer science project. It resulted in hand-feeding each other Dove chocolates and falling off of chairs.

01:45 – Another student accidentally dropped a folder down the stairs. The papers fluttered out, and he had to chase after them. All papers were recovered and unwrinkled.

01:55 -- Not wanting to enrage anyone, the remaining students file out a few at a time. Traveling in packs is always safer. Avoid eye contact at all costs.