Letter, invitation from the Editor in Chief

By The Beacon | October 31, 2014 6:23am


by Kelsey Thomas |

Since I’ve been editor in chief of The Beacon, my primary mantra has been, “Meet our readers where they’re at.” And as attached as I am to the smell of newsprint, I know many of you are not rushing to the stands to grab a paper every Thursday.

I get it. Between class, work, clubs, polishing your resume and attempting to have a social life (not to mention keep yourself clean, fed and clothed) you’re busy. So where you’re at is probably rarely in a comfy chair by a fireplace, looking for some light reading to keep you informed on local goings-on.

The Beacon mobile app is designed to bring you news and entertainment where you actually are: In line for a bagel and coffee in the Franz basement, waiting for class to start, awkwardly standing in a corner at a party pretending to text, whatever. Wherever you and your phone are, we’ll be there with you.

The app is also bigger than The Beacon. Use it to stream KDUP live, catch up on your national news, or check the UP calendar to calculate how many days are left until Thanksgiving Break (27).

Watch people you know get [H]appy and dance around campus. Video by Hannah Baade


It’s also still a work in progress. Right now the KDUP streaming stops when your phone falls asleep, but we’re in the process of fixing that. If any other bugs come up, or if there’s any way you think the app could help you navigate life on The Bluff better, shoot us an email at beacon@up.edu or tweet at us @upbeacon.

We’re so excited about the launch of our new app, that we’re throwing a party to celebrate it. Come enjoy a photo booth, treats, music from KDUP DJs, coffee from Espresso UP, prizes and more. Thanks for downloading!

DOWNLOAD HERE for iPhone, iPad and Android

Beacon Mobile Launch Party

What: Celebrate the launch of the Beacon mobile app

Where: St. Mary’s Student Center

When: 6:30-9:30, Wednesday, Nov. 5



Five Cool Features:

  • Connect with The Beacon socially on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.
  • Stay on top of breaking UP news and sports as soon as they happen.
  • Keep informed on national news with NPR headlines and streaming.
  • Stream KDUP live at any time.
  • Find out how to join the Beacon team.