Spotlight on Study Abroad: Why France?

By The Beacon | September 15, 2014 2:09pm

This commentary is part of an ongoing series where students share their study abroad experiences and why other students should pursue the same opportunity. Guest Commentary by Britta Geisler

Australia or England.

That’s what I told Fr. Art. I thought they were my only options. You see, I wanted to study abroad, but didn’t think that my (very) rusty French would get me through a semester in the Nantes, France, program.

Well, friends, there is this wonderful thing called IES Study Abroad, an organization that connects students with countries all over the world. The best part is that UP partners with IES, and there are a plethora of English-speaking study abroad opportunities to choose from.

I chose an English-speaking program in Paris, France. IES has a business and international relations program there with all the classes taught in English. The program consists of about 100 students from universities across the U.S. There, I found some of my closest friends, both American and French.

I lived in an apartment just three miles from the Eiffel Tour, a 20-minute walk from the Paris Catacombs and of course there was a boulangerie on every corner- so those were never far!

The IES Study Abroad program also connects students with opportunities to travel. For example, in my luxury brand management class we made a trip to Champagne where we visited a couple champagne houses to learn about the industry and the marketing of champagne- well, and to taste, of course!

I hope that others will reach out and speak with Father Art. There may be more options than you initially knew were available!

Maybe you too will be sipping un café crème outside of Monmartre very soon!