Diamonds in the bluff

By The Beacon | September 11, 2014 12:37am
Nothing on this list is as generic as this view.


By Maraya Sullivan

To help you shine bright like a diamond this year, we found twelve secret gems for your future on The Bluff. Like diamonds, this list may seem ordinary at first glance, but its true value is apparent with just a slightly closer look.

1. For your next adventure, Howard Hall will hook you up with bikes and camping gear for free. 2. It’s only awkward if you make it awkward, and besides, laughing is good for the soul. Feeding their audience with love and LOLs, the Bluffoons Comedy Group shows in Mago Hunt provide a high entertainment value night with guaranteed knee-slappers for just $2. Friend them on Facebook to stay posted on both practice and performance times 3. The Clark Library offers many items for rent such as laptops if you spill coffee all over yours as well as video equipment if you plan on becoming a YouTube star. 4. School is stressful enough, and in the Pacific Northwest, SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) encourages the highest suicide and divorce rates in the country. The Health Center provides free counseling and lollipops to help lift weight off of your chest. 5. When the weather cools down and the wind whips up, instant warmth and smiles are guaranteed to accompany  the free hot chocolate and cider in the Freshman Resource Center. 6. Shame on you if you have not yet set up an appointment with Career Services. Pilots Guiding Pilots, a recent establishment, is a huge resource for students wanting to connect with internships and job opportunities through UP alums. The professionals in Career Services will help your resume stand out above and beyond the rest. 7. The Writing Resource Center is here for that moment when you’ve read your essay a million times and cannot stand one more read-through. The Resource Center will guide you through all the petty mistakes you glazed over. Walk-ins are welcome, or you can schedule an appointment online. 8. How privileged are you? Real Pilots give back. The Moreau Center located in St. Mary’s student center is your guide for immersion trips and volunteer opportunities. Prepare to nourish your spiritual health, sense of compassion, self awareness, perspective and overall well-being. 9.  It’s nice when the logically-inclined left-sided brains want to help out struggling, right-sided daydreamers. The Engineering Honor Society hosts tutoring weekly for anyone who needs the help. 10. All day, every day. The Recreational Services’ master calendar posts an online schedule of a variety of classes throughout the day. Zumba, spin and kickboxing can often be squeezed in between classes, and yoga is available in the evenings for students who crave a sense of balance before bed. 11. Relax and unwind with some essential oils inside Kenna Hall’s sauna. Peppermint is great for mental clarity, whereas lavender will send you right off to dreamland. 12. Smart, safe and responsible weekend entertainment can be found in The Cove during Pilots After Dark activities, Friday and Saturdays from 10 p.m. - 1 a.m. Come for live music, photo booths, trivia nights, karaoke and much more.

Correction: In a previous post of this story The Beacon reported that the Clark Library offers art supplies to rent. The art lab has since moved and butcher paper and other basic art supplies for clubs can be found in the ASUP office in St. Marys.

Maraya Sullivan is a reporter for The Beacon. You can reach her at