Spotlight on Study Abroad: Why Granada, Spain?

By The Beacon | September 16, 2014 11:12am

This commentary is part of an ongoing series where students share their study abroad experiences and why other students should pursue the same opportunity. Guest commentary: Clara Leeways |

¿Te gusta la playa? ¿Las montañas? Buena comida y vino. ¿Tapas gratis? ¿Te gustan una tranquila tetaría, pero, al mismo tiempo tener la tentación de bailar toda la noche? ¿Podría usted sumergirse por completo en una vibrante vida cultural? A continuación, Granada es para ti.

Do you like the beach? The mountains? Good food and wine? Free tapas? Do you crave the bliss of a quiet tea shop, but simultaneously have the urge to dance the night away? Could you fully immerse yourself into a vibrant cultural lifestyle? Then Granada is meant for you.

Granada is a flourishing and historical city in Spain abounding in culture and charm. Here you can immerse yourself in a location with a vibrant and enticing history, which can be admired throughout the city. From the magnificent Alhambra and towering Cathedral, to the caves in the Albyzine, Granada is incredibly authentic. However, Granada is also a very youthful city, full of students and boasting an unforgettable nightlife.

Studying abroad in Granada was a life-changing experience. My Spanish fluency improved because UP students were required to live in homestays and took classes instructed in Spanish. My host family was so welcoming and hospitable, and Carme, my host mom, was an excellent cook.

Granada sits in an ideal location, close to the Sierra Nevada Mountains, but only a short drive from the Mediterranean Sea. From Granada you can explore all of Spain, taking excursions to Madrid, Barcelona and Sevilla. But in the end, Granada will steal your heart.