Portland: There's an app for that

By The Beacon | August 28, 2014 3:12am

By Cassie Sheridan |

There once was a time when paper maps, word of mouth and pigeon correspondence ruled the travel information world. Then, the smartphone was born.  Now your city and your university are literally in your hand, pocket or under your bed - especially when the alarm won’t stop ringing.

Welcome to PDX and UP (mobile). The following apps are guaranteed to streamline your Portland - and UP - life. Bonus: they are all FREE.



Everything Portland Public Transportation. Easily maneuverable and a great asset when you’re utterly lost and in search of a bus stop. Allows you to plan routes, find bus arrival times and even buy Trimet passes.




Never suffer the embarrassment of calling Dominos for a delivery outside the Clark Library again! It unfortunately (or fortunately) remembers past orders and saves them. This can streamline your pizza-ordering experience, or remind you that you ordered cheesy bread, raw cookie dough and not one, but four, large pizzas last time.


Flappy Beard Hipster QuestHipster

That annoying fat bird has turned into the bearded, thick-rimmed-glasses-wearing fellow you’ve probably seen sitting outside of a farmer's market. You must dodge PBR cans and fuel up with espresso shots. Only play this game when doing essentially Portland things, like asking if your chicken had a good life or biking naked.



Public Art PDXArt Walking tours and information about public art works throughout PDX. Perfect for personal walking tours then later showing off to friends when you know the artist and installation year for that bike sculpture in the Pearl.



Meridian   map Meridian is used by the Portland Timbers, PDX Airport and the Oregon Convention Center to streamlining your time with interactive maps. Most importantly however, it has a map of Powells books that can direct you to the shelf housing folk artists' bad memoirs.



Cart CompassCart Can be hit or miss. Some food carts featured on this app update their hours and menus regularly, making the app a great asset in locating a Thai eatery on Alberta Street. However, it can also propel you into the depths of despair if the cart you find is closed when the app insisted it was open.



UP LibraryLibrary Easily book a study room, but be prepared to awkwardly kick people out when claiming your reservation. Also has the ability to search the Library catalog on your mobile device and get live assistance from a librarian.



Portland Pilots

PilotsReceive the latest news from the Chiles Center and other behind the scene extras. You can access sports schedules, player interviews and unique photos from games.


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