Pilot in the spotlight: Michel Hu Kwo

By The Beacon | April 9, 2014 10:42pm
Senior tennis player Michel Hu Kwo. Photo by Kristen Garcia

By Mitchell Gilbert |

Michel Hu Kwo


Beijing, China

Michel Hu Kwo has been named US Bank Student-Athlete of the Month after a strong start to the season as the No. 1 singles player on the team. Hu Kwo has a record of 6-1 in singles and 7-1 in doubles.

How have you felt about the tennis season so far?

I think we started we started a little bit off of our game. We lost two straight matches, but then we started to pick it up, and outside of our match with Oregon, we have been playing really well.  We are playing really well at home. I think that we have not lost any home matches this season.  Everyone on the team is pretty experienced.

How have you felt about your personal accomplishments this season?

I think it is by far my best season.  I think part of it stems from that I want to play a little professional after I graduate.  I want to work harder and get everything I can out of it.  I hope I continue and finish the last six matches with a better record than how I started the season.

What is the difference between playing tennis in the U.S. and Beijing?

In China, tennis is a very individualistic sport, but in the U.S. you have teammates. You are not only playing for yourself, but you are also playing for your school.  Every shot you hit is not only for yourself, but also from someone else.

 How does it feel to be separating from the teammates you have played with for the last four years?

We sometimes joke about the senior guys getting pretty emotional when we actually finish our last match of the season, because for some of the guys it is the end of their whole tennis careers. We have been living together and going through ups and downs together for the last four years. And now it comes to a point where everyone has to go his own way and say goodbye.

What has been a highlight of your season thus far?

For me I don’t think there is one particular moment that I really remember clearly. I think that winning matches has been a highlight because I know that I gave my best and that my teammates are right behind me.

What are your goals looking into the rest of the season?

I just want to play my best for every match. I know if I do that results will come for me. As a team I just hope to do well and have a good rest of the season.

What does it mean to you to represent the Pilots?

To me I think that it is an honor and a responsibility. I know that if I am off or on campus and I am wearing my purple and white gear I am representing something. I feel proud to be a part of it and represent the school and the team.

How do you balance your life between sports and school?

To be honest I wish I could say I am great at time management, but the truth is I just figure out ways to get it done even if I am staying up all night to study or getting it last minute.

 Who is your favorite professional tennis player and why?

It used to be Andre Agassi because I liked how he grew up and he was a gentleman on the court. Right now it is Nadal, because he is a lefty and so am I, so most of the time I use him as a reference to improve my game. I also admire his work ethic and his energy on the court. He never gives any sort of negative outward emotions toward his opponent.