KDUP goes digital with E-zine

By The Beacon | April 2, 2014 11:58pm
Junior Ari Morris. Photo by Spencer Young

Maggie Smet |

In a little cabin on The Bluff, a group of students is producing a publication that hopes to be a creative outlet for students all across the campus to share their ideas on music and art.

Three issues of the KDUP E-Zine have already been posted on KDUP’s site with hopes for two more in the coming semester. Pieces range from an interview with Aer, a reggae/indie/rock group during their recent tour stop in Portland, to an album review on Beck’s latest release, to pictures of the St. John’s bridge.

KDUP began the E-Zine this semester and have already published three issues. Editor and sophomore Jack Greenwood feels that the most recent issue is one of their best because of the diverse range of artist interviews, reviews and a music playlist.

Greenwood helped start the E-Zine to showcase and encourage the passions and interests of KDUP DJ’s and the larger UP community.

“We came to realize early in the semester that KDUP has a lot of talent, and that goes beyond people playing music and being really interested in music, there are a lot of ways to express that,” Greenwood said. “And we realized that if DJs were interested in really digesting and being interested in music, then we should give them an outlet to speak about that.”

Junior    Ari Morris, a KDUP staffer who contributes regularly to the E-Zine, sees the E-Zine as a chance for students to publish the works that don’t fall under the umbrella of other student media, like The Beacon.

“If you’re of the more creative mindset and wanna get involved and do something on campus then this is a great opportunity,” Morris said. “It’s also a great opportunity for aspiring artists or writers to start publishing things.”

For sophomore Elena Roberts, who is apart of the KDUP street team, submitting to the E-Zine was a chance to express her love and knowledge of music, and surprise a few of her friends.

“I kind of nerd-out in the articles, and my friends didn’t know that I actually knew what I was talking about when it came to music, and they were a little surprised,” Roberts said.

By the end of the semester, Greenwood and KDUP would like to publish a “Best of” issue in print form to distribute all over campus. He hopes that this will get the word out about the zine and encourage people to contribute even more next year.

The past issues have featured a lot of interviews and written content, but both Greenwood and Morris want to see more visual art, including photography, painting or sculpture. Morris would also like to see more creative fiction in the submissions.

Greenwood, Morris and Roberts are enthusiastic about students not associated with KDUP submitting to the E-Zine.

“This is by no means a KDUP exclusive publication, we want this to be open to all students here on campus,” Greenwood said.