Pilot in the spotlight: Alec Wintering

By The Beacon | January 22, 2014 11:36pm
Alec Wintering's rookie season is turning out to be a great one full of unforgettable wins and big numbers.

By Cassie Sheridan |

You had a great game against Gonzaga, what were your emotions following that win?

It was just, crazy. I was so happy, especially knowing that the program hadn’t won that game in so long. It was kind of a monkey off our back, knowing that we could play with anybody and win.

Do you have a pre game routine?

I usually just listen to music and get into my zone. I’ll talk to the guys and get team centered but for me individually, I just keep it chill and listen to my music.

Do you have a first memory playing basketball?

You know those little Tykes hoops? We used to set ours up in our kitchen. My older brother and I used to shoot around and goof off. Those are some of my earliest memories with a basketball.

How has your transition to the Northwest been, especially considering you are from North Carolina?

It’s been mostly good, I had to get used to the rain and the grey skies all the time. Once I got used to that, the weather doesn’t really bother me anymore. I really like Portland and the city is a fun place to be.

Being a shorter player in a game known for height, how do you think that has altered your game and how you go up against players that may be an entire foot taller than you?

It’s what’s normal for me, I mean, I’ve been short my whole life. I’m used to playing against taller people and my coaches in high school really helped me get used to that. Muggsy Bogues and his performances in the NBA, learning how to play with tactical angles to get shots up, those are all things that have had an impact on my game.

Do you have a favorite movie?

I’m going with Friday, Next Friday, and Friday after Next.

What do you think is truly special about playing basketball, as opposed to other sports?

I think being so close to the fans on the court is a big difference; you can feel their energy and feed off it. It’s more of a feeling, kind of unexplainable.

Speaking of feeding off fan energy, when the students rushed the court against Gonzaga can you just describe that moment?

I’ll remember that for the rest of my life. It was absolutely crazy. I was right in the center of the court, my friend Kahlil grabbed me and just high fives and yelling. It was absolutely nuts.