What every freshman needs to know from seniors in the know

By The Beacon | August 29, 2013 3:49am

By Megan Lester |

In the past week, freshmen have been introduced to countless resources on campus: the Health Center, the Career Center, even their own Shepard Freshman Resource Center. Still, one of the best sources of information at UP is rarely used by freshmen at all: the senior class.

While professors, counselors and other UP staff are phenomenal at assisting students, some questions are best answered by upper classmen who once had such quandaries themselves.

With three years under their belt, UP’s seniors are ready to give a Pilot’s response to new students’ questions.

“Would you recommend studying abroad?” - Heidi Grompe

“Oh yeah! It’s a good opportunity to see another culture; it really broadens your awareness about the world.” – Julia Fonk

“I didn’t personally study abroad…I would say if you can afford to study abroad it’s a great opportunity, but if not there’s plenty of cool places in Oregon or close by for you to take a road trip to.” – Pili Burkett

“What is one class you are really glad you took at UP?” – Ian Hajnosz

“One class I think everyone should take is Social Psychology with Dr. Julka. It’s really interesting and makes you think about your behavior and interactions and relationships with other people.” – Julia Fonk

“The Marriage and Social Perspectives class. It was so fun, especially having two professors who weren’t in the same field of study getting two very different perspectives on the whole institution of marriage. It’s so good. If you can get into it, do it!” – Pili Burkett

“What are the best things to do off campus?” – Natalie Spence

“Saturday Market and OMSI [Oregon Museum of Science and Industry], I loved OMSI - I would recommend going on a weekday because there’s so many children there on weekends…and Random Order Pie is so delicious! It’s on Alberta. And I’ve heard the beaches are fantastic.” – Matthew Sepeda

“Check out all the good places to eat—there’s a bunch on 23rd, Mississippi and Alberta. There’s Little Big Burger, Mac. On Alberta there’s Pine State Biscuit and Radio Room, and on 23rd you should go to Papa Haydn for desserts.” – Julia Fonk

“What clubs or activities should I join now that I’m at UP?” Ryan Morrison

“Improv! I would recommend Improv club the most - it’s just a great community, there’s no judgment, you’re there to learn, we’re self-taught, there are some very talented people in it.”- Matthew Sepeda

“Something to get you out of your comfort zone. If that’s community service, then that’s a great way to meet people and see what else is in the community. If that’s doing something with drama or music, then do that. Something to get you out there.” – Pili Burkett

“When should I declare a major and when is it too late to switch majors?” Jeffrey Lazatin

“I came in undeclared, and I think it was a good decision. I took a full year of classes and saw what interested me…I don’t think there’s a rush. If you don’t know, there’s no need to force it.” – Julia Fonk