Pilots in the Spotlight: Amanda Frisbie

By The Beacon | October 3, 2012 9:00pm

Amanda Frisbie (Stephanie Matusiefsky| The Beacon)

By Taylor Tobin, Staff Writer tobint16@up.edu

Junior women's soccer forward Amanda Frisbie has been named WCC Player of the Week twice this season-the second time after scoring two goals in the Pilot's win against USC on Sept. 16. With 6 goals so far this season, Frisbie has totalled 17 goals while at UP. Besides scoring goals herself, Frisbie has had three successful assists this season.


How long have you been playing soccer?

I've been playing since I was four. My parents just wanted me to be active. They put me in soccer and basketball and I just took off with soccer. I just loved it so much and I was pretty good.

Tell me about where you are from.

I'm from Dallas, Texas. It's so different. First off, the weather is completely different, obviously. But I love it here. I love the rain here; it's my favorite. The food is also way different, but it's good here too. I miss the Southern food. My favorite is probably chicken fried steak. I miss the sweat tea probably the most; it's not the same here.

What artists do you listen to?

OneRepublic. I've listened to them since before they were famous. I love the new OneRepublic song, "Feel Again." I also love Kelly Clarkson. Since the moment she won American Idol, I've been obsessed with her. Those two are my all-time favorites.

Who is your soccer idol?

Right now it's Lionel Messi, because he's just unbelievable. He's the best player in the world and he plays for Barcelona. He's just amazing. He can do anything.

What made you choose to come to UP?

I was recruited, and when I came and visited here the smallness of the school just really got me, and the support for our program is unbelievable. Like, the best in the country obviously. The people here are great, too.

Does your team have any pre-game traditions?

Before a game in the training room we always put on Michael Jackson songs. We'll start out at a certain time, and during the very last song, "Man in the Mirror," we all have a spot in the training room that we'll sit in before the game.

What is your favorite aspect about the team this year?

The camaraderie, how close we are. From the freshman class to the senior class, we're all really close, which hasn't been the case in some of the previous years.

What made this year different than previous years?

We've accepted the freshman coming in faster than usual, and that's helped us a lot. Every single one of us has each other's backs this year, which is a lot different than usual.

What would you say to your fans?

Thank you for everything you've done. We'd be nothing without you. Keep going out to our games because you are awesome, and keep up the record. We have the best fan record in the country. We'd basically be nothing without you guys.