Women's soccer celebrates seniors

By The Beacon | November 9, 2011 9:00pm

Last Saturday the women’s soccer team recognized this year’s senior class with a special ceremony prior to their 3-0 win over the Gonzaga Bulldogs

By PJ Marcello Staff Writer marcello13@up.edu

Women's soccer has been a staple at the University of Portland for over 20 years made legendary by famed coach Clive Charles. This year's senior class contributed three WCC Championship titles, four postseason appearances and 69 wins to the tradition before playing their final regular season game on Nov. 5 at Merlo Field with a 3-0 win over Gonzaga. The six seniors for the Pilots women's soccer team have created four years of unforgettable moments, long lasting friendships and built on UP's tradition of professionalism both on and off the field. The senior Pilots shared what they believe it means to be a Pilot as well as some of the experiences and memories they will take away from playing at UP.

Emma Nelson: "I'm going to miss the atmosphere here. We have the most dedicated and knowledgeable fans who really care about what's going on, while most other places are quiet. That atmosphere at Merlo is unmatched," senior defender Emma Nelson said.

Halley Kreminski: "The whole program taught me to be a better person all 'round," senior forward Halley Kreminski said. "Merlo is better than anywhere else in the country. There is an unmistakable feeling when you step on that field."

Danielle Foxhoven: "My time here has been amazing," senior forward Danielle Foxhoven said. "I grew more as a person and a player than I would have anywhere else. I am very happy and thankful for that." "I want to say thank you to all the students. You can't find fans anywhere else in the US like we have for women's soccer," Foxhoven said. "My time here was made because of the fans and the culture that is made around our soccer program."

Kassi McCluskie: "The team comradery I have experienced here has been amazing. I will miss my teammates and the memories we have playing on Merlo. Every game at Merlo is so great especially night games. They are so different and unique, not many people get the opportunity for that experience," senior defender Kassi McCluskie said.

Michelle Olivier: "Being a part of the history here is being a part of something a lot bigger than yourself. Knowing where this program came from and where we want it to go shapes us," senior defender Michelle Olivier said. "There is a lot we can give to the program not just winning, but leaving mentalities and experiences to remember. Being a Pilot runs in your blood, it is a second home and I love representing UP on the field," Olivier said.

Hailee DeYoung: "I will miss the team environment I've been with so long. Being part of this team is always having a consistent group of friends. You can be as competitive as you want in that environment. I am ready to experience other things, but there will nothing will ever be quite like it," senior goalkeeper Hailee DeYoung said.