'Woman' group offers sisterhood

By The Beacon | October 5, 2011 9:00pm

Campus Ministry’s ‘Woman’ group gives female students a safe gathering place to share stories and discuss life

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By Vinci Paterson

In the spring of 2010, nursing student Christine Patterson was on fire. She met with Stacey Noem, and later, me, to discuss her vision of a safe gathering place for women. This group has been meeting faithfully since September 2010.

In the spring 2011, Christine traveled across the country for her nursing capstone. Freshman Emily Eichner stepped up to coordinate this gathering.

At our kickoff dessert potluck, 18 women gathered. We shared ideas. We will continue to meet every other week.

At the gatherings we invite a woman faculty or staff member to join us and share about herself and her life. We are planning a few larger events as well: a slumber party, a service project and a women's tea for students, faculty and staff.

We are also preparing small sharing circles that will meet every three to four weeks for ongoing discussion and opportunities for deeper sharing. These groups will have two mentors and six to seven students, like LXG. These groups will begin meeting in November.

Below are reflections by some of our active members.

I met several of my friends that I ended up getting a house with through going to Woman my freshman year.

Although it only meets twice a month, the relationships I have formed through this group have grown quickly due to its intimate, safe-feeling environment. Woman allowed me to develop relationships with women from all majors, grades and interests. I love how the group has such unity within its diverse group of women.

This year, four out of my five housemates regularly attend Woman. Woman has been a big part of forming friendships with other women on campus, as well as a great opportunity to get to know female faculty and staff and be hear a lot of interesting life stories.

I have learned a lot, been encouraged and found life-long friendships from being a part of Woman.

Woman is a great event for young ladies on campus! I heard about it through Fish and through friends. It's a great time to come and visit with other women and to be encouraged about life issues.

I got involved in Woman through the Campus Ministry Fair. I remember thinking how I really liked that they had a guy group called the League of Extrodinary Gentlemen, and I thought it would be cool if they had a group for women as well. Pretty soon I found out they did and I went to the first meeting I could attend. So far, it's been great and I can't wait to attend more!

Woman is a sisterhood that is bonded together through faith, story-sharing and belly-aching laughs. It is nice to head over to Woman in the late afternoon of my Friday when my day is winding down and my classes are done. I love catching up with the same group of girls over tea and sweets!

Woman fosters an environment for all U of P ladies to join that is completely welcoming and uplifting! Please join us! We would love to meet you!

Female students who wish to be part of a small sharing circle, or would like more information about various woman gatherings contact us.

Emily Eichner at eichner14@up.edu

Vinci Paterson at paterson@up.edu or (541) 943-7889

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