Get out and play (sports)

By The Beacon | September 23, 2010 9:00pm

By John McCarty, Staff Commentary

Where at UP can you combine drinking references, second base and Clif Bars without receiving a Public Safety violation? Answer: the friendly competition of intramural sports.

Whether you're in it to meet some new people, get in a good workout, use puns, dominate the competition, or to just have fun, chances are there is an intramural sport for you.

Let's start with the basics: intramurals are a great place to make new friends. There's nothing quite like a dodgeball to the dome, a softball strikeout or a total blowout to spark up banter between two strangers and before you know it, BOOM! You've got yourself a new friend.

"Intramural sports are a good way for young adults i.e. college students to practice good health through fun activities and promote long-term health throughout life," junior mechanical engineering major and intramural sports enthusiast Zach McMullen said.

I would list all the sports available, but my editor would hang me for artificially boosting the word count of this article. Suffice it to say that there are a wide variety of sports to choose from, so if you're looking for an easygoing game of bocce, an intense flag football game or something in between, you won't be disappointed.

Then there are the puns. One could easily argue that perhaps the most competitive part of intramurals is who's team name is the most clever. Whether you're playing for Enthusiastic Toast, The Team that Must Not Be Named, the Jager Bombers, or the ¿Que Que Que? its always important to remember that you just can't beat Off (insert clever witticism here).

Some compete for glory, but most just want the t-shirts. That's right, if your team wins it all you get one of the coveted intramural champions t-shirts on top of the satisfaction of grinding your opponent into the earth. These shirts prove that you are, in fact, a true champion and your legend will never die.

Worried you won't have any time in your schedule for games or team meetings? The intramural department's website,, allows you to create and join teams, view schedules, message your friends and even request game times.

"Intramural sports are where its at," McMullen said. I concur; they are a healthy and socially acceptable diversion from studying and I love to advocate procrastination. Gather your friends, find some rivals, pick a sport and go buck wild.

John McCarty is a sports reporter for the Beacon. He can be contacted at