Athleague offers greater outlet of participation for intramurally inclined

By The Beacon | September 29, 2010 9:00pm

By John McCarty, Staff Writer --

For some, the intramural champion T-shirts are not enough, and now UP students have the chance to vote on the most valuable intramural athlete of the 2009-2010 season on

Students can choose to cast their vote for Ryan Livingston, Brandon Pono Hanson, Shane Moser, Tiffany Spaulding or Amber Giordano, who were selected for their participation in intramurals.

When asked what qualities the most valuable intramural athlete should exhibit, director of intramural sports, Brian Dezzani said, "Excellent sportsmanship, being a good supporter, playing multiple sports, encouraging friends to participate, and being part of a fun unit."

The survey is one of the many features of, a networking site that allows members to create, browse and join available teams, communicate with fellow members and schedule games.

According to senior civil engineering major, intramural enthusiast, and MVIA candidate Brandon Pono Hanson, "Athleague allows everyone to be in the groove on everything, there were a lot more forfeits my freshman and sophomore years because people wouldn't know when to show up."

Dezzani said that the intramural department will be using the survey feature of athleague more frequently in the future both to gather information and for fun. Possible upcoming survey topics include the best uniforms or best sportsmanship.

"I think athleague is really beneficial. It allows coordinators to e-mail and remind everyone about games and you can even see who you're playing," Hanson said.