UP program director featured on The Ellen Show

By Rachel Rippetoe | November 10, 2017 5:52pm

Weekend and Night Program Director Tyler Zimmerman has a chance to win a seat in the Ellen Skybox on the set of The Ellen Show.
by Rachel Rippetoe / The Beacon

Weekend and Late Night Program Director Tyler Zimmerman, a new celebrity among us, was featured on The Ellen Show Tuesday. Zimmerman and his girlfriend competed in a contest to sit in the "Ellen Skybox" in DeGeneres' studio during one of the live shows. All contestants had to do was submit a funny video stating why they would like to have a seat in the skybox. 

Zimmerman's video was featured on The Ellen Show this week, and the show's executive producer contacted Zimmerman and his girlfriend for a Skype interview off-the-air Friday. Apparently, the couple are still in the running to win a spot in the Ellen Skybox.  

Zimmerman said that DeGeneres sent him a mini-iPad just for having his video featured. 

Here's the video of Zimmerman's appearance on Tuesday's show: 

Watch a video of DeGeneres explaining the contest guidelines here