How to really Rock the Bluff: Some FAQs, answered

By The Beacon | April 7, 2016 8:34pm


by Jacque Nelson and Mia Davis |

As a CPB member and Rock The Bluff coordinator, I know there are often some frequently asked questions not only regarding Rock The Bluff, but concerts in general. We decided it would be best to be pro-active, and answer some of the more popular concerns prior to the concert.

I've been living under a rock. What's Rock The Bluff?

First of all, I'm really sorry you've been living under a rock. Secondly, Rock The Bluff is an awesome, free concert that the Campus Program Board puts on every spring, and it just so happens to be this Saturday! We spend a lot of time putting it together and making it rad, and we can make it even better (read: mosh-pit- and vomit-free) with your compliance with our few requests and suggestions.

Is a concert loud? If so, why?

The idea of any good concert is that the atmosphere of the space is exciting and energizing. Many experts have concluded that this can be achieved when, in a large stadium-like space (such at the Chiles Center), all who are attending the concert can hear the music. In fact, this theory has proven to be so successful, that nowadays the music is played even louder than necessary, as to both increase the level of enjoyment within the stadium, and celebrate the art of those on stage. Please bring earplugs if necessary.

Will I be unintentionally nudged by my peers?

Every concert comes with its own persona and audience. A concert tailored for the youths (much like Rock The Bluff), could accompany behavior of the rowdier nature (much like that of the youths who will be in attendance). While we always encourage safe, polite and appropriate actions from all Portland Pilots, please note that unintentional nudging and jumping in pursuit of concert excitement may occur. Those exhibiting abnormally rough and aggressive behavior will be removed by security immediately.

Should I crowd-surf?

No. Crowd surfers will be located and escorted out of the stadium immediately. Do not be that person.

Can I invite all 30 of my closest friends?

Rock The Bluff is a University of Portland event funded for and by the student body. Unfortunately, we have a maximum capacity on the number of students allowed inside the Chiles Center at one time. As a Campus Program Board (rather than, perhaps, a Community Program Board, or a Cathy's-Closest-Friend's-Program Board), we work hard to serve the students and members of UP first and foremost. Although it would be great for BFF's Jessica, Brad and Sarah from out-of-town to attend, only one guest is permitted per student to ensure priority tickets/space for UP students.

That’s lame.

I'm sorry.

Why SHOULDN'T I bring all of my belongings to this concert? What If I need them?

Only a clutch-sized bag is allowed inside the Chiles Center for our Rock The Bluff concert this Saturday. If you are unaware of what that may entail, please input the words "clutch-sized bag" into a Google Images Search. This is for security purposes, as each bag needs to be checked prior to entry. Because of this, please anticipate on minimizing your items to phone or wallet-sized things (such as phones, or wallets). If you need specific items for health or personal accommodation needs that may not fit inside a clutch, please feel free to contact Accommodations and Services at 503-943-8985. Otherwise, all carry-on items must be safely stored out of the aisle way and in your dorm rooms.

What if I want to do something fun BEFORE the concert?

Great question, glad you asked! Before the doors open at 8 p.m., there will be free ice cream, fire pits and music playing outside of the Chiles Center (starting at 7 p.m.). Feel free to hang out, chat with friends, occupy your pre-frosh and smush your faces against the windows on the doors in the final minutes of anticipation until we open them!

Should I vomit at the concert?


Are you sure?

I am so sure.

This merely breaks the surface on questions for Rock The Bluff, we know. Please feel free to contact me, Jacque Nelson, at, Connor Burke at, or Samantha van den Burg at for further information.

Tickets for the concert are still available, and can be picked up at the Chiles Center from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. during the week, and on Saturday from 10 a.m.-12 p.m., and 7 p.m.-10:30 p.m. Follow CPB on Facebook (UP Campus Program Board) and Instagram (@upcpb) for more information.

We can't wait to see you all at Rock The Bluff this year — remember to stay safe, stay on the ground, and keep our stadium (and our peers) vomit free on April 9!