Entertain me: AlunaGeorge & Bleachers (Rock the Bluff preview)

By The Beacon | March 23, 2016 6:49pm


by Natasa Kvesic |

Well, the lineup for this year’s Rock the Bluff is finally out and you’re either practically shaking in your shoes with excitement or you’re just really confused. Who is AlunaGeorge? Why is that name so weird? Who is Bleachers? Are we really going to have people playing on bleachers? Wait … is this code for STOMP? Is STOMP coming to perform?

Even though it would be cool to have the booming percussion sounds and slick dance moves of STOMP, you are all wrong. Lucky for you, I am here to introduce you to these two groups and let you know which songs to listen to in order to become a seasoned fan of each.



An electronic duo from England, comprised of Aluna Francis and George Reid, AlunaGeorge have been making music since 2012. Recently, they gained popularity with a DJ Snake remix of their song “You Know You Like It,” which they actually released in 2012 as a digital download. They’re masters of smooth, electronic beats and even funky, disco tunes that get you dancing.


A disco trip into space where planets are full of happiness and dancing feet, this song is literally out of this world. Aluna’s voice is like an angelic whisper over a playful beat and synths. Imagine you’re in a spaceship with Matt Damon — without the whole being stranded on Mars thing — and your mission is to spread disco inspired beats to all the inhabitants of space.

“Kaleidoscope Love”

This makes me think of an actual kaleidoscope. But like a kaleidoscope of euphoric beats and scenes of wildflowers just floating around me. It is so magical and a total dance tune.

“You Know You Like It”

Last summer, this was THE SONG. I remember driving around my slightly uncool, desert oasis town of Richland, Washington late at night blasting this song with my friends because what else could we do? Not only is the beat infectious, but the remix by DJ Snake is a total banger. If none of the songs make you get up on your feet, this one will surely rock your socks off.



Started by fun. guitarist Jack Antonoff, their debut album “Strange Desire” came out in 2014 and produced an instant summer anthem. One of the hit singles off the album was “I Wanna Get Better,” which became the meaning of life for all Tumblr alt-rockers. Not going to lie, this was the only album I wanted to listen to whenever I came to visit Portland because I was one of those Tumblr alt-rockers. Overall, they are the cutest band around right now, in my opinion.

“Wake Me”

A more low key song on their debut album, it’s laced with deep guitar chords that you can find in any Johnny Cash tune and a slow crescendo which leads to a screaming Antonoff, almost pleading in the song. If you pay attention to the lyrics then you’ll immediately fall in love with the message and pure poetry. If they play this at Rock the Bluff then grab the person next to you and hug them even if they’re a complete stranger, or if you’re in a relationship then just slow dance and enjoy the love!

“Who I Want You to Love”

This song reminds me so much of Lord Huron. The background vocals are in perfect harmony and almost lull me into a completely peaceful state of mind. Again, there is the slow crescendo of drums and static guitar sounds that lead to a Broken Bells-esque beat. It is possibly one of the coolest things I have ever heard. There aren’t that many words in this song since the ending is completely instrumental, but it is beautiful nonetheless.


I can’t even begin to describe how special this song is. On a personal note, this was the song that made me feel a very strong connection to this campus. I drove here in the summer of 2014 and this was my main song of the season. Right when I rolled up to the entrance of the school, this song came on and I pretty much cried. It is beautiful. Upbeat, powerful, guitar driven and just a good time. Hopefully you make your own connection to this gem and don’t see me break down in tears at the concert.

Natasa Kvesic is a staff reporter for The Beacon. She can be reached at kvesic19@up.edu.