Yuri Hern​ández Osorio


Yuri Hernández Osorio is the coordinator for Diversity and Inclusion Programs. Photo courtesy of Yuri Hernández Osorio.

OPINION: Beyond celebrating: honoring and fighting for Latinx people during Latinx Heritage Month

So today, I propose a new way of looking at Latinx Heritage Month at least for this year. Do not honor us through campaign ads, lip-service “we care about you” statements, targeted market products like Nike shoes, clothing lines, restaurants specials, etc. Honor us by making a commitment to stand up for our rights, our humanity and our liberation. Honor us by vowing to combat racism in the United States. Honor us by giving us thanks for the countless contributions we have made but mostly the contributions we are making EVERYDAY.

Photo illustration by Adobe Images.

Submission: A letter to the Budget Working Group

We, QTBIPOC (Queer, Trans, Black, Indigenous, People of Color) staff, write this letter to express our concern, highlight the need for transparency, and propose recommendations for moving forward. We collectively felt ignored and unheard during the process of decision making and elucidated our valid concerns and frustrations in this letter. We hope you take responsible action, given that we are an integral part of this vibrant community.