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Students involved with University FOR Portland volunteer to help relieve the nearby homeless crisis. Photo courtesy of University FOR Portland.

University FOR Portland combats homelessness by breaking “The Bluff bubble”

As Portland residents walk, drive and bike around the city, one thing is apparent: Portland’s homeless crisis is becoming more severe. Although state and local leaders have drafted plans to solve the problem, homelessness is an ongoing challenge.  On The Bluff, students like ASUP President Brandon Rivera and junior mechanical engineering major Jack Padon say they are trying to make a difference. They launched a 60-day service project seeking to understand the reality of the homeless crisis, then helping through service-learning and the use of innovative skills and ideas. Student groups created an app for resources, a website to share stories of the homeless community, and a hygiene trailer as a part of this project.

March for Our Lives in Portland, Oregon. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

UP won't penalize prospective students for protesting

While in the past having a suspension or expulsion on their record might have hurt a student’s chances for getting into college, the University of Portland is among many colleges and universities who are standing with student activists, stating that if they get suspended for protesting, the suspension will not impact their admission. 

Prisca Dorcas, founder of online community Latina Rebels, speaks to crowd of nearly 100 people in the Mago Hunt Theatre during Diversity Dialogues.

Unapologetic 'Latina Rebel' gives rousing speech

Mago Hunt Recital Hall was filled with nearly 100 students, faculty, staff and community members who displayed a great range of emotion from howling laughter, to quiet crying. She told the audience personal stories including her experiences at a predominantly white institution (Vanderbilt University where she earned her masters degree), having panic attacks in social situations due to racism, her relationships with white men and the pressure to get married she felt growing up.

Students practice their interviewing skills in the Career Center. On Friday March 2nd, the First Avenue Career & Graduate School Expo will be held in Chiles Center, giving students the opportunity to explore career and grad school options.

Tips from the Career Center: How to ace your job interviews

Five minutes. That’s how long it typically takes for you — the candidate — to impress the interviewer for your desired job, according to CNN Money.  Whether you’re an upperclassman scrambling to find a job for after graduation or an underclassman who’s seeking to get a head start in the job market, preparing for a job interview is one of the most nerve-racking  — yet essential — things college students have to master. 

Prisca Dorcas will be speaking this Friday in Mago Hunt for Diversity Dialogues​. Photo courtesy of Prisca Dorcas.

PODCAST: A conversation with Prisca Dorcas, founder of Latina Rebels

Dorcas will be speaking to members of the University of Portland community about her experiences with race, gender, intersectionality of these topics and various other issues embedded in society on Friday, March 2 in Mago Hunt Theatre at 7 p.m. Tickets for the event are free, but space is limited. Tickets will be available for pick-up at the Office of Student Activities in St. Mary’s. For more information, contact Diversity and Inclusion Program Coordinator Yuri Hernández Osorio at hernandy@up.edu.

The Beacon asked students what they're giving up for Lent this year. Photo courtesy of Unsplash.

What are you giving up for lent?

Lent is finally here, along with the inevitable question: “What are you giving up for Lent?” Whether you choose to give up social media or plan to pray or journal more, the hardest part can be making it through the entire 40-day period. Lent is a season of fasting, penance and abstinence. The 40-day sacrifice, which ends on Easter Sunday, represents the time that Jesus fasted for “forty days and forty nights” in the wilderness, according to Matthew 4:2. To reflect Jesus’ struggles, people can choose to pray more and give up something they desire for 40 days. The Beacon asked students what they’re doing for this Lenten season.

President Jenny Chu and Vice President Andrea Delin kick off International Club's Lunar New Years celebration with a quick presentation on this day's history.

Students celebrate Lunar New Year

Lunar New Year, commonly known as Chinese New Year, begins on the second new moon after the winter solstice. Several countries such as China, Vietnam and Taiwan celebrate Lunar New Year. Depending on the time zones, the holiday usually falls between Jan. 21 and Feb. 19. 

The University of Portland will begin recognizing MLK Jr. Day in 2020 by closing the university and cancelling classes. This photo is by Rowland Scherman; restored by Adam Cuerden, and is public domain via Wikimedia Commons.

University of Portland to recognize Martin Luther King Jr. Day in 2020

University President Fr. Mark Poorman today announced the creation of a new full-time position position to lead University of Portland’s efforts to be more diverse and inclusive: Director of the Office of Equity and Inclusion. Poorman also announced that beginning in 2020, UP would cancel its classes on Martin Luther King Jr. Day every January.

Ohana program participants play games during their 2017 summer retreat to form connections with other members. Courtesy of Miranda Whitters.

New coordinator rebrands Diversity Dialogues Week and Ohana Program

Hernández Osorio is new, but she has big plans for the Diversity and Inclusion Program. She is making long-awaited changes by renaming and restructuring events and programs such as Ohana and Diversity Dialogues Week. Hernández Osorio has a three-year plan to grow Ohana, first by changing the program’s name. She also plans to restructure the annual Diversity Dialogues Week by eliminating the word “week” and creating continuous dialogue by expanding programming.