Rachel Mehlman


Rachel Mehlman (left), president of Active Minds, and Sarina Saturn (right), chair of the Academic Mental Health Network. Photos provided by Rachel Mehlman and Sarina Saturn. Canva created by Dora Totoian.

OPINION: Your mental health matters to us

Why is mental health so important? We all have it. Just like our physical well-being, our mental health might face some really rough times, too. That is why our Active Minds club motto is: “We all struggle. Let’s struggle together.” College is tough. School is stressful and difficult; friendships come and go; homesickness is a real thing; loss and tragedy strike; and life simply gets overwhelming. These are all facts of life that are sometimes detrimental to our emotional well-being. We also recognize that many staff and faculty are struggling, too, with life’s challenges, emotional hardships, grief, and supporting each other and our students. We also want to convey that if you haven’t caught the blues going around, that’s fine, too!