Molly Bancroft


Chairlift operating at skibowl mount hood.

Best skiing and snowboarding spots near UP

The winter season is almost upon us, and in some areas around Portland, snow has already begun to fall at a steady rate. For those thrill seekers who are interested in skiing or snowboarding, it can be difficult to find places around Portland that are within driving distance that provide ideal slopes.  Well, those interested are in luck. Below are some of the best places near campus for one to get their fill of fun and adrenaline while zooming down the slopes.

Mens Soccer Coach Nick Carlin-Voigt celebrates with his son after a home game win against CSUN

‘One team, one goal, one family’

From the moment five year-old Nick Carlin-Voigt stepped onto a soccer pitch for the first time, it was a match made in heaven. Not one to sit on the sidelines at such a young age, Carlin-Voigt instantly got hooked on the sport. This passion followed him throughout his college journey — and a stint in a professional career — before eventually landing him here as the men’s soccer head coach on The Bluff.

Kayla Adams wins a header in a game against UC Irvine.

Pump Up With the Pilots

For some athletes, music can make or break a workout. It can motivate, energize or even calm someone down after a workout. But what about athletes, who seem like they’re in the gym every day to prepare for their next match? The Beacon spoke to student athletes currently in season to see how music influences each of them as players and to get their best workout song recommendations.