Mark Poorman


Fr. Mark Poorman, president of the University of Portland. Photo: UP Marketing and Communications.

Submission: Welcome and advice from President Fr. Mark Poorman

Campus just doesn’t feel right during the summer when the students aren’t around. There’s no one playing ultimate frisbee on Pru Pitch. The tables in Clark Library aren’t taken up with laptops and textbooks. The basketball court near Fields and Schoenfeldt sits unused. There’s a downturn in the number of joggers on Willamette Boulevard. Sure, campus remains busy with summer session and camps, but it lacks the distinctive rhythm that’s present during the fall and spring semesters. That’s why I relish the start of each new academic year. The students arrive and, seemingly overnight, The Bluff magically returns to the state it was built for and enjoys the most — when it’s brimming with energy and activity.