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Mehling hall

Campus housing 'fixer-uppers' to happen over summer break

Some of the University's residence halls will be touched up over the summer. These projects will all take a significant amount of time and money, meaning some dorm buildings will be “offline” for several months, according to Director of Facilities Planning and Construction Paul Luty. Director and Associate Director of Residence Life, Chris Haug and Kerry Day, shared the details of these projects: Mehling Hall: Mehling Hall is being seismically retrofitted, meaning it is being equipped to avoid collapsing if an earthquake were to occur.

Pictured: senior Andrea Hernandez-Garibay 

The Sophomore Slump: students struggle their second year on The Bluff

You’re no longer a freshman. You’ve made it past the first year of college classes, you definitely don’t need a map anymore to get to where you need to go on campus, and you know the ins and outs about life on campus, yet the challenges never stop and every night you go to bed with thoughts of what’s next. If you’re a sophomore or have ever been a sophomore and have felt like this, know that it is not unusual.

Students wrote recommendations for how the school handles sexual assault at a "stand-in" event in December.

Students' recommendations presented to Title IX committee

More than 400 students took a stand against sexual violence in December, writing suggested “action plans” for how the University should improve in its handling of sexual assault cases on note cards. Now, those recommendations have been compiled by students and staff members at the Health and Counseling Center and presented to the committee appointed by President Fr. Mark Poorman to review the school’s Title IX practices and procedures.

Members of UP's Cash Flow Club aim to start a "movement" on campus of students invested in learning about personal finance.

The new Cash Flow Club wants you to invest in your personal finances

Following graduation, students may find themselves overwhelmed when it comes to managing money — from paying off student loans to buying groceries, or even saving for retirement or taking out a mortgage. The University of Portland’s new Cash Flow Club hopes to help students of all majors become better informed about money and more confident in making financial decisions, stressing the importance of starting to save money early in order to plan for the future.