Jeffrey Braccia


Photographer Jeff Braccia shares his tips on how to navigate conversations about "the G-word."

Staff Opinion: Navigating how to talk about the G-word (graduation) with seniors

As a second semester senior in college, one thing I have learned is to avoid the G-word, commonly known as “graduation,” at all cost. The phrase “do not say the G-word” has become even more common among my friends now that spring semester has started. Some people may wonder why they should not say it, or think “you should be excited, so why not talk about it?”

UP Filipino Olympics 2017

VIDEO: UP hosts annual Filipino Olympics

On Saturday morning, UP’s Filipino American Student Association hosted the NW Filipino American Student Alliance’s annual Filipino Olympics. 16 Filipino American Student Associations from various universities in the PNW came to UP to duke it out in games like Conveyor Belt, Groundhog and The Nasty.   Last year, University of Portland was the winner of the games, which meant they got to host this year’s 11th Annual Filipino Olympics. About 300 students were in attendance today, and Seattle University took home the gold. 

ASUP holds first tailgate before men's soccer championship game

ASUP's first-ever tailgate event was well attended by students, faculty and alumni, and got them excited for what turned out to be the WCC Championship-winning game for the Pilots. The event featured a residence hall cookoff, which was won by Kenna Hall.