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The College Ecology Club will be hosting the first ever Pilot Market on April 20 in celebration of Earth Day. The event will be held outside the Chiles Center from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Pilot Market event to celebrate Earth Day early will be held Friday

New and used art, furniture, clothes and other miscellaneous items will be scattered outside of the Chiles Center. On Friday, April 20, from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the University of Portland’s first Pilot Market, Students can pay a visit to the booths of Guilder Cafe, Branching Threads, Imperfect Produce and College Ecology Club while meandering through the market. KDUP College Radio will be managing the DJ booth during the event.

The Pilot PB Bowl, one of the two flavors of Carioca bowls consisting of acai, bananas, blueberry, and peanut butter, topped with granola, banana, and strawberries

Carioca Bowls available on The Bluff this Wednesday

The electric orange walls, hanging plants, picturesque acai bowls and the close proximity to campus make Carioca Bowls a buzzing oasis frequented by University of Portland students. As the spring semester comes to a close, Carioca Bowls will be back on campus on April 11 and April 25 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., offering a 10 percent discount off of regular in-store prices for yet another food cart day. 

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What's your midterms anthem?

Students study in different ways. But no matter who you are, a good playlist is essential for focusing and getting work done. Take this quiz to see what song you should add or maybe just loop for the entire week.

Courtney Warta

Staff Opinion: Making a difference is easy

Saving the planet doesn’t have to be overwhelming. News of ocean acidification, melting ice caps, species drawing closer to extinction and exploitation of natural resources riddle the media. Sometimes, efforts to live a greener life may feel a bit hopeless.  Frankly, making a difference, no matter how small it seems, is as easy as seeing that climate change is really happening.

What are you wearing to DOD?  These students shared with us what they're planning on wearing this weekend.

Get ready for Dance of the Decades!

This year’s Dance of the Decades is 80s prom theme, although students can come dressed from any decade. Tickets are on sale for $10 at the Office of Student Activities and in The Commons at lunch and dinner. If there are tickets left, prices will increase to $15 at the door.

Franz Hall is a busy place most days. What building on campus matches your personality?

QUIZ: Which UP building are you?

On a weekday morning, Franz Hall is a busy hub of students socializing, grabbing bagels and running up and down stairs to class. A short walk away from Franz is Buckley Center, a warm, older building with desks close together and slippery floors on rainy days. This well-loved building hosts a variety of art, science and nursing classes. Students go from class to The Commons, where the warm smell of pizza and the sound of coffee orders greet them as soon as they walk through the doors.

For the first time ever Bon App is teaching students how to cook for themselves. On the menu for them tonight was Stir Fry.

Health and Counseling Center offers new cooking classes

On Wednesday, Nov. 8, Bon Appetit and the Health and Counseling Center partnered to host the first, of potentially many, cooking classes. A second was held on Nov. 15. The class was only offered to nursing students enrolled in a nutrition course. The demonstration was taught by three Bon Appetit chefs and had been free to students, but according to Bon Appetit, ingredient cost coverages are still being sorted out. Tiger Simpson, Wellness Education and Prevention Program Coordinator, said the program is available for any student group that expresses interest.

Villa Maria Auction will take place on Saturday at 7 p.m. in the Chiles Center.

Villa Man Auction rebrands for inclusivity

On Saturday Dec. 2, 1,200 chairs will line the Chiles Center, and doors will swing open at 6:30 p.m. for the 21st annual Villa Maria Auction. The residents of Villa will be preparing behind the stage for their performances that start at 7:30 p.m. Students in the audience prepare to bid on groups of men and adventures/dates. 

Psychology Professor Sarina Saturn (left) says that Multnomah Falls has always been one of her favorite places in the world. Here she is pictured with her then infant daughter, Sia, and a close friend. Photo courtesy of Sarina Saturn.

Outdoor Pursuits Program adjusts after Gorge fires

Hiking in the Columbia River Gorge was part of the regular OPP, an on-campus program that offers regular trips, rental gear and excursions. But now, it is unlikely the program will be able to return in the next year due the closure and unsafe conditions. OPP has reevaluated the safety of offered hiking trips. Munra Point, Dry Creek and Horse Tail Falls excursions will no longer be offered.